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G'day Mates

How are the most awesomeness people in the world doing today?
I'm so happy right now
I think i have had to much sugar and i really should stop eating raw sugar lol
i have been dared to dye one of my eyebrows bleach blonde
should i do it?
my other eyebrow is brown.

MCR Fans Are Awesome

I just love it how we mcr fans can compliment when someone wears an mcr shirt out in the street
believe it or not but thats how i met my best friend Kayla.
I was wearing an mcr shirt and she came up to me.
MCR brang us together.
And how we can just add each other on msn, myspace, facebook
and then just get along


Twilight Comment

Best thing i have heard all year

"I'm just a sparkling faggot who can climb a tree"

------ and -----

"And then Buffy came and staked Edward. The End"



but i changed my password

hackers it is not hard to make your own account and demolish that one yourself just dont do it to the rest of us
geez louise!!!

My 40 (btw random pick on my iPod)

1. starstruck - lady gaga
2. kings and queens - 30stm
3. ignorance - paramore
4. cousins - vampire weekend
5. wtf? - ok go
6. bad romance - lady gaga
7. russian roulette - rihanna
8. brick by boring brick - paramore
9. blood on my hands - the used
10. empty with you - the used
11. coin laundry - lisa mitchell
12. 21st century breakdown - greenday
13. broken leg - bluejuice
14. thumper - enter shikari
15. Beautiful Thieves - afi
16. flashback - calvin harris
17. bonkers - dizzee rascal
18. fallen leaves - billy talent
19. dig up her bones - misfits
20. this is halloween - marilyn manson (i

New MCR Stuff

I went shopping again today... im addicted to shopping ... anyways i purchased
- 2 big posters of MCR
- 1 big poster of 30stm
- a bob action figure
- a corpse bride doll
- 2 MCR shirts
- 2 big posters of GC
- 1 shirt of GC
- Paramore's new album
- a new iPod

This cost me over $500

Fav Website

This website is my favourite... facebook is getting boring, nobody is ever on msn, nobody talks to me on myspace ... this is atm my number 1 socializing website.

Once again MCR has made me a very happy person. And i blog way toooooooooooooooooooo much, i blog like everyday nearly and i twitter alot to. I think i have a OCD with blogging and twitting. OMG im 17 soon... i cannot wait to go bungee jumping.... but i am happy this website is here so then i can come back and tell you all about it...

And the fans on this website are fucking awesome... easy to talk to and easy to get along with...

If Anyone one Has MSN

if anyone of you cool people have msn add me:

i love to chat with people who like the same things i do

Goodnight Everyone
One of my worst days

It has once again happened. Everytime it gets near my fucking birthday my friends always ditch me or something bad just happens. Today I went to Queen Street Mall with my best friend, who i wanted to spend the day only with her, because she has helped me through heaps and i wanted to share this birthday shopping with her. She invites one of her friends, who she ditches me for and a bunch of guys and left me alone at the train station coming home. And the whole time shopping I could tell she was trying to get away from me.