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I am so fucking hungry i could eat a whole carrot!


Anyone who is an australian on this website and are near an eastern coastline and are on this website right now. If you haqve not heard there is a tsunami warning. Go further inland .... i know i sound like a weirdo, but its better to be safe than sorry

Blah Blah

I need amusement
any one got a good joke?


my family are having a heated discussion about politics lol
while im venting anger lol
what a good weekend this is going to be

Pics of Bob ....

Why I chose these pics

(1) I never see Bob and Gee in a pic together
(2) The mask ... Bob lol

Pics of Frank ....

Why I chose these pics

(1) Cute Dog Frank
(2) Just an awesome shoot of him
(3) LMFAO ... let's all poke our tongue at Ray lmfao

Pics of Mikey.....

Why I chose these pics

(1) LMFAO... funny shit Mikey
(2) I love his make up in this pic... its my all time favourite photo of Mikey
(3) He is wearing a Knicks hat ... I like the Knicks

Pics of Gee....

Why I chose these pics...

(2) - Reminds me of myself when I do my assignments... paper everywhere
(3) - His eyes are cool


My boyfriend dumped me for no reason at all.
He got my best friend to tell me
and then he cannot spare 5 minutes after school to explain
and then he says he is sorry on facebook!
I am so pissed off atm
I am right now scream singing I'm Not Okay
and a whole mixture of songs that explain how fucking pissed i am

Another Day

So its another day in my teenage life
but it is also another day in school
today i'd rather stay home and listen to music all day
but me mother wont let me
what is everyone to be doing today?
what are your plans for the weekend?