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I speak on behalf of all mcr fans when I say that you have been a big part of our lives
You have made us smile
You have made us laugh
You will always be apart of the MCR family
You and the guys are the reason why all of us are alive
And we will always love you
We hope that you have a happy and safe future
But like I said, no matter what you will always be apart of the MCR family
We love you Bob

Another Bad Birthday

Every year it seems that something bad always has to happen right before my birthday
This is this year:

- boyfriend dumped me
- bob has left mcr (but good luck to him)
- my friends aren't coming with me anymore to my birthday party
- one of my friends is avoiding me
- im sick atm
- my life on the murder scene dvd has been ruined by my nephew


Add me
be my friend

My Hometown is Flooded

My hometown of Roma in Queensland Australia is flooded
glad i dont live there anymore
but im upset because if i was still living there i wouldn't be able to get out of my house because
i used to live across the road from a creek
and then i wouldn't have to go to school


I dont like going to the doctors


the only thing i really want for my bday is a BIG mcr cake
and an mcr party :)

Any V8 Supercar Fans

If there are any V8 Supercar fans out there and are a fan of Toll HRT than join this group on facebook!/group.php?gid=349717461640

Need to do Assignments

hello people
im screwed
my assignments are due in 2 weeks and i have not even started the essay part of it
two big research assignments arghhhhhhhh!!!!!

Love Does Not Exist

If anyone read my previous blog about my ex you will know what im on about in this blog

Today at school he didn't show up, after i gave him till monday to explain why he broke up with me
No show.
So he decides to apologize to me and give me a reason through facebook.
If he was a man he would stop hiding behind a fucking computer screen and come say it to my face.
As far as i am concerned that is not an apology and its not a reason, i will only consider it
when he says it to my face.

if only he knew what a big deal it meant to me to be with him
I dont trust people that easily.
I gave him a

Food Tonight!

Italiano for dinner YAY!