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I really need a job
I'm so fucking tired of having no money
and i need concert money
if anyone out there knows about any good jobs going especially to do with music
and is near brisbane please let me know

....... RAWR!

I'm bored
to mcr fans
RAWR! means i love you in dinosaur
im hungry


two new little iero's to be brought into the world :)

The Used Concert

me and my friends got to the tivoli at 9am in the morning, it was an awesome long wait. Me and my friend chased a turkey. We also met some pretty hot guys from other small bands around the city that were there and made new friends. The only downside to being in the line was there was 3 fan girls behind us that claimed they got there before i did which was not true, and one of them had the nerve to call me a band slut grrrrrrr.... when inside i got the barrier and the security guard in front of me was awesome.

Add Me

I need more friends
I want more mcr friends :) :) :)

Cheese Souffle

My cheese souffle was a success
i succeed at i think french food or its italian idk
but its european
and the garlic and parsley really gave it a kick

My Quiz

---Put your ipod on shuffle and answer the following with the title of the song---

You feel like saying something and you say?
Cemetery Drive - MCR

You feel like dancing what song do you dance to?
The Only Difference Between Martyrdo - Panic At The Disco

How would you desrcibe the minute you are in right now?
Broken Leg - Bluejuice

What song would you last listen to if tomorrow was the end of the world?
American Idiot - Greenday

What song describes your personality?
Attack - 30stm

What is the song you would dedicate to an ex-bf/gf?
Mountain - Good Charlotte

What song would you dedicate to


Think of the most random thing you could say and comment what it would be


I'm so glad its friday
i hope next week is a good week
i have had a terrible week
but though some parts have been good
it has been very awkward with me and my ex-bf
i cant believe he just expects me to get over what he did
my best friend is friends with him so things get very awkward
but im sure ill get over it in time but im not ready yet
and he thinks we are friends, i hate it when guys do that.

Some good news
I got a part in the school musicial which is awesome
im only an extra but its still cool
and i am get to decorate the music page in the yearbook this year
exciting... every page will


NRL WEEK 1 ... Broncos, Eels, Knights, Storm, Raiders, Rabbitohs, Titans, Manly are my tips
Mikey likes football he should so watch some Aussie footy