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Stolen... XD

Hannah "Small-E" Small


Whats your favorite kind of pie?
The classic ol' Aussie meat pie, with tomato sauce!

Whats your favorite band/singer?
MCR/Lady Gaga

Favorite fruit?

Favorite sport?
V8 Supercars... I live for it!

Favorite color?
Blood Red... literally :D

Favorite hair style for guys?
Short brown or black hair - dont mind a bit of blonde though.

Curly hair or straight hair?
Straight is more neater

Would you ever get tinted windows so you could pick your nose without people seeing you?
Nah! I'll pick me nose proudly lol

Do you think shampoo bottles should have

Is anyone going to BDO? (on the Gold Coast)

I'M GOING TO GOLD COAST BIG DAY OUT!!! Anyone here going?

MCR Merch

They should have MCR towels and facewashers and sheets, pillow cases, blankets and dooner covers. Just saying I think that would sell like hotcakes. I would buy it!

Got the Biggest Shock of My Life Today. I need a hug

So today I nearly died. I was driving down off a highway to merge onto the main highway to get to a city. Anyway, I had to give way to cars going pass on the main highway and some person behind me crashed into my rear and pushed me onto the main highway where I was nearly collected by a semi-trailer (or big rig). I was nearly squashed! And I am still shaking and it was like at 10am and its now nearly 11pm. I dont think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.

Can you go cross-eyed?

I cannot. I'm curious as to who can?


I want these tickets so damn badly!!
I would shave off every inch of my hair, dress in something unusal and do any dare for tickets to the BDO!
God please be in my favour on the 13th of October!

My Names

Real name: Hannah Small
Gangsta name:(First 3 letters of real name plus 'dizzle'.) handizzle
Detective name:(Fav colour, favourite animal.) red cat
Soap Opera name:(Middle name, street you live on.) lee mcinnes
Star Wars name:(First 4 letters of last name, first 3 letters of middle) smallee
... Superhero name:(2nd fav colour, favourite drink.) blue coca-cola
Witness Protection name:(One of your friend's, middle name.) Lara Lee
Goth name:(Black + pet's name.) black bunny

Getting my hair cut!!!

Its been a while since I had my hair styled and dyed. It's gone back to its long and dull ugly way!
So, I'm getting Hayley Williams side and back hair, with Mikey Way's fringe and Gerard's bright redness! Hopefully, it looks good (?)

Stressed Out So I'm ranting

I need to rant for a bit because I am that fucking stressed out its not funny:

I never thought getting back into the routine of sort-of school life would be such a task. But obviously it is, I can't find any motivation and its hard to get tutors to help when I need it because I am learning correspondently.

And, my family, I love them, but they are starting to get on my nerves. I understand that my mother needs help at the moment because she's had an operation, I don't mind helping her out at the moment.