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Feel as though my feelings are not important and ugly

I am always hoping that one day my family change their attitudes to actually listen to me - but it will never come. As they say you cannot change the stripes on zebra or the spots of a lepoard. But just once I wished somebody would listen to what I have to say and take me seriously for a change. I have bottled everything up because I have nobody to turn to and it has done more damage and I can't seem to get that through my family's head. My whole life they have left me to defend for myself and they think that know what's best for me and how I should live me life.

Bored... in a lecture!!

Save me MCRmy in a stupid lecture. Talking about movies and how they are made but i'm tired and hungry. My lecturer is so boring he talks like a politican - no fun, no life in his voice just slowly rambling on and on.

I want food another 30 minutes to go :(

Happy Frankoween!

First of all, a big huge happy birthday to Mr Frank Iero. Its your birthday in Australia :). I hope that you have an awesome day and have an awesome party. I give you a virtual hug as your birthday present.

And... tonight I am taking my nephew trick or treating for the first time in his life. He's super excited about it. He's running around the house shouting LOLLIES lol. He's so cute. He's dressing up as a pirate and me, I am going to be a witch. Should be a good night :)

Hi all... haven't blogged for a couple of days

So, what's been happening guys? Me, I have been really busy with university. I am so pleased with my first assignment where I recieved a high distinction for my narrative report which I am really happy about - I felt like Ray Toro writing it haha. The other assignment I'm not to impressed with and I can only hope that the assignment that I submitted today will be worthy of possibly another high distinction.

But away from studying, so far everything that I have read in Kerrang! magazine about MCR has been nothing but emotionally inspirational.

I''m mourning yet again. R.I.P Marco Simoncelli

Yes, you read correctly. In the space of one week the racing world is again in mourning for the loss of yet another superstar of Marco Simoncelli. As I was writing about the Gold Coast 600, I recieved the terrible news via friends on Twitter that the Italian MotoGP star has been killed in a racing accident at Sepang. He was 24 years old.

What a sad week in motorsport it is. First the passing of Indy500 legend Dan Wheldon and now the tragic passing of MotoGP star Marco Simoncelli. The star succumbed to injuries at 4:46pm local time.

Simoncelli fell off his bike and slid into the pathes of

Soon it will be exactly 1 year since i finished school.

1st picture: recieving my graduation certificate. 2nd picture: me and one of my best friends. 3rd picture: My english teacher who helped me through so much and taught me a lot about writing, she's awesome... my favourite teacher ever!

I remember school like yesterday. I know a lot of you on this site are like 'i hate school' largely because of bullies. But you don't need to worry about them. Find the good things about school you really enjoy and cherrish those.

iTunes Festival on Channel [V]

Hello Aussie fans!

Just so you know, if you have Pay TV the iTunes Festival is on tonight at 8pm (AEST) it features MCR.


Write the first thing that comes to mind.
01 Hello: goodbye
02 Love: hurts
03 Cow: moo
04 Peace: where?
05 Sky: cloudy and dark
06 Mr. Big: Bear
07 Horror: motorsport crashes (RIP Dan Wheldon)
Answer with only one word.
01 You are an: unemployed
02 You drink: coca-cola
03 Your first kiss: Terrence
04 Where are you: recliner
05 You like: motorsport
06 Hate is: easier
07 Love is: harder
08 You dream of: future
09 You can’t spell: nothing
10 Your favourite color is: Red
Answer either yes or no. No “maybes” allowed.
01 You like a boy/girl: no
02 You would kiss someone for

I cannot stop crying... R.I.P Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon, Indycar driver, killed in a horrible crash at Las Vegas Speedway. While this race was to be about celebration, reality had a different idea and took the life of a father, husband, friend and true legend. The world mourns today as we remember a wonderful man.

I cannot stop crying. I am a spectator of the IZOD Indycar series and words fail how I feel. I am gutted, sad and I lack the motivation to study, to clean and even to eat. As I write this now tears are falling from my eyes. I love racing but I don't love this side of racing, a very dark day indeed for motorsport.

Its Just the Way I Live


[x] Must sleep with two pillows
[] Sleep with window open
[x] Place hands under cheek or under pillow
[] Sleep with a nightlight
[] Sleep with mouth open
[x] Susperstitious about waking up and seeing a ghost by your bed
[] On stormy nights you sleep under your blankets

Total: 3


[x] Chew with mouth closed
[] Like to try new foods
[] Vegetarin/Vegan
[x] Don't like sharing food with others
[x] Prefer fruit over vegetables
[] Don't like using fingers
[] Use napkins as bibs

Total: 3


[x] Drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate
[x] Drink soda and energy