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Tattoo Artists In Brisbane??

If any killjoys from Brisbane Australia know of any good, and I mean good, tattoo artists in Brisbane I would love if you could give me some information. I really really want this tattoo to remember my grandfather.


I want to get my first tattoo to remember my grandfather but my dilemma is design. I want a koi fish splashing water with 'R.I.P GRANDAD' and the date he was born to the date he died.

Kerrang! Awards.

I am happy for the guys to be up for FIVE awards!
However, so many good bands up for awards... however they are no match for MCR


My family apparently don't like my lifestyle choices

I wish my parents understood how much music means to me. Tonight we went out for dinner and I told them that I was in a band and that we are hoping to tour in the near future and that my fallback plan is to be still working in the industry as a tour manager. I thought they would be proud that I found something that has made me happy and that I actually have some direction in my life.

Health crisis

It turns out that I could have a syndrome that controls my weight. For years I have been trying to lose weight but never could and maybe my question will be answered, however I am hoping that it is not servere. I want to lose weight, I want to stop being bullied on the streets by skinny fucking scrags and I want to look good because I want to have children and I want to get married and my weight is holding that away from me.


Those 3000 plus people who have died as a result of his genocide have been AVENGED!!!
Praise the USA!!!!

Today's society?

Friday on the train on my way back home I was told by some old guy to stop listening to the music I was listening to because everything that is deemed as music these days are filled with lyrics that are skyrocketing statistics in teenage pregnancies, binge drinking and drugs ...?

It was the most stupidest thing I had ever heard! I also find it really hypocritical that our older generation are complaning about the music we are listening to. If they knew anything every musician out there has their idols in which they take inspiration to form their own style.


Yay I'm back online. Which is awesome.
Went 3 days without it ... but on the other hand I could have lasted more days without it.
Anyway, my time away I scored a MCR t-shirt and hoodie and some other awesome pieces of clothing that my awesomest friends helped paid for. <3 them.
Anyway... I think my cat is meowing at the front door - must let her in.

Bribie Island Holiday - Last Day and Night on the Island.

This morning, after an embarrassing night no thanks to my parents fighting in public, everybody was fine - except Dad who suffered a hangover lol. Today is Easter Sunday and nothing is open so no shopping has been completed on this trip.

First thing, I drove for the first time in a costal area and I must say I drive better here than at home. We went down to the beach a Woorim and again the surf was flat and to be honest looked freezing.

We went fishing at the Marina and caught nothing. I had only one really decent bite and Dad was the only one to have caught a pint size fish.

Tonight, we

Bribie Island Holiday - The Road To Island

We left Lowood about 8am-ish and had a slow trip up to the coast. We were stuck behind a carvan for more than an hour, which created a thirty car line-up. I referred it to as a conga line of turtles in the ocean.

Arriving at Bribie Island, we headed first to the beach. No waves, a bit of a disappointment. But, can't do much about that. However, we did see some skydivers. We had lunch beside the escry and got lost in the residental block of land Pacific Harbour - very posh area.

There were some buskers at the beach, and I must admit they were pretty darn good at keeping beat.