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Emergency Room

I had to take my mother to the emergency room because she accidentally swallowed a fish bone after eating some fish at the pub. We arrived at about 6pm-ish and we just got home and it is 10:51pm exactly! They didn't even have many patients. Seriously, what would they do if all of a sudden that bone went down her airway? Would it be "Please, just take a seat and we will be right with you?" ... That type of wait is just unacceptable!

I haven't posted a blog in a while... might as well say HI!
Met a guy but hes far away

So I met this guy online. We have video chatted and we share a lot of interests. Thing is he is all the way in NSW and I am in QLD. I really want to meet him and see where everything may lead.

I hate being an adult!

Why can't claiming something be so simple? Why is there this form that form? It is driving me crazy! Note to the government, if you care so much about the environment than stop killing trees to give citizens fucking pointless fucking forms! I want to go back to school, where the only thing I had to worry about was schoolwork and worrying about where my life would take me. I am bored, miserable and angry!

What is yor favourite 80s artist?

Mine is Queen.

Here he is... isn't he cute!

My brand new kitten will be in his new home tomorrow!
I am so excited!

My favourite human names with every letter of the alphabet!

A- (Girl) Alicia (Boy) Andrew
B- (Girl) Belle (Boy) Braden
C- (Girl) Christine (Boy) Charlie
D- (Girl) Dana (Boy) Daniel
E- (Girl) Erica (Boy) Elijah
F- (Girl) Farrah (Boy) Frank (of course)
G- (Girl) Gillian (Boy) Gerard
H- (Girl) Hilary (Boy) Hamish
I- (Girl) Imogen (Boy) Issac
J- (Girl) Jane (Boy) Josiah and Jake (I can't decide between them)
K- (Girl) Krista (Boy) Kieran
L- (Girl) Lauren (Boy) Lachlan
M- (Girl) Melanie (Boy) Michael
N- (Girl) Natalie (Boy) Nathaniel
O- (Girl) Olivia (Boy) Oliver
P- (Girl) Priscilla (Boy) Penn
Q- (Girl) Quartilla (Boy) Quade
R- (Girl) Rosina (Boy) Raymond


His name is Mr. Rabbit
He is sooooooooooooooo cute!
Though I have to go and pick him up will post pics of him soon!