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30 Day Band Challenge....

So basically what I am going to do is write about 30 different artists who have amazed me this year or just because they are my favourites. I'm going to start at NUMBER 30.

#30 - Adele

Rolling In The Deep was the first single released from her second record "21" and was also the song that captivated me. The song was produced by British extraordinaire Paul Epworth, who has worked with the likes of Bloc Party.


I have purchased the Kobra Kid Jacket....


Long Time, No Chat....

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted a blog in a long time, so I thought I might say a howdy to all. So what's been happening in my life? Nothing much at all.
I have a new kitten in my life and his name is Way-Toro-Iero :) ... Clever right. He is about 15 weeks old now and is the most adorable little creature. I cannot believe how fast they grow, not to mention, how much they can eat - he's like Garfield.
Another thing is the band I am singing in - Crooked Scissors.

So Does My Ray Toro Video...
My Poem... "It All Ended With Another Piece Of My Heart Broken"

When we first met,
You were nice and sweet,
Compliments that made me blush,
And that first kiss where I fell in love.
But you turned bitter and sour,
You tried to change me,
You kept me like a hostage,
And without warning at all,
Dumped me after dinner by the river,
And sex with candles ignited,
Leaving me heartbroken and in tears.
That last date was so cruel,
But I feel gullible,
Because I am still in love with you.

My Poem... "I’m Sorry That I’m Not Perfect But Neither Are You"

To Dad, you created me
You gave me a home and a bed to call my own,
But there is more a child needs,
Your child needed love and a protected heart.
Now that child is all grown up,
You had the chance to mend this relationship,
But still you break my heart,
I love you because you are my father,
And you stayed in my life,
Even after all your lies (I still love you),
But I needed, and still need, a Dad,
To protect me not ignore my existence.
I’m sorry I am not perfect,
But neither are you.

I love you MCRMY !!!!
Bulletproof Heart Video

Because I have been so busy with TAFE Study, have MCR released a video for Bulletproof Heart or am I just hearing baloney from fans?

Mum into surgery!

My mother is having an emergency operation today. She has a bone stuck in her throat which is threating to cut open her swallow tube. So, looks like she will be in hospital for a while.