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CHAPTER 2: Survive to keep Running

Los Angeles, California
Tuesday, 7th April 2020
Time: 5:19pm

The walk back to the city was long and tiresome on the unfit bodies of Ray, Frank and Gerard. The only person who was not affected was Mikey. Frank and Gerard filled sacks with canned food and neon light bulbs so Ray could use his revolver to help protect them. Ray and Mikey ransacked every gun shop for revolvers and tools to create a weapon made to shoot neon lights easier and more effectively.

“What do you think is happening Mikey?” asked Ray.

“I don’t know Ray. Something unprecedented”, he answered.

“Will we be alright?” Ray

CHAPTER 1: Every Snowflake is Different

Los Angeles, California
Monday, April 6th 2020
Time: 8:02am

Los Angeles, the city of Angels, was at a stand-still. The traffic had stopped: cars were frozen on the freeways and on residential streets. No horn could be heard, no screech from tyres, no revving of engines – just silence.
The tour bus had also stopped with the driver frozen. Every driver of every car was frozen, their bodies cold and mouths opened. The only people that were mobile were those not driving any motorised vehicle.
Frank, Ray and Gerard walked the road not knowing what was happening and not knowing what to do next.

Parallel Universe (My MCR Fanfic) [What it is about blog]

Hi Killjoys,

Recently I have been writing a fanfic that I intend to make novel length, and since none of you have read, I assume, on the other website I am writing it on I have no choice but to upload my art on this site.

So, what is it about? The fanfic is tilted 'Parallel Universe". It is based on Danger Days using the same characters and famous props we have come to love and buy as merchandise but the story line is different.

Korse, now CEO of BLI, has unleasehed a technological virus into the bloodstream of all humans in the world to exterminate them so he can create a whole new world.

It is here again!

Hey killjoys,

That time of my life is here again, where I start to feel down and feel as they my life is worth nothing but is just a scrap of metal floating out in space.

I go in these trances every couple of months and start thinking of death, I start to become anxious and I also make commitment to change my life. I will admit that I am unhappy with my life.

I become dull and boring and lazy. Like as though waking up is an arduous task, as if my green lantern ring is out of energy and has no power to give me the super power I need to survive another day.

I just want something exciting to

My Dad Is Cool

My dad listens to awesome music and, recently I found out, that he likes comic books! Awesome parent.

'80s Music

Listening to the best decade of music - the '80s!

Spending A Lot of Time On This!

Hi killjoys,

Please please read my fanfic. I am spending a lot of valuable time writing this and would appreciate if people could read it and give me some feedback. <- this link is where you can find Phase 1 of the story.

Novel Length MCR Fan Fic

Hello Killjoys!

A while ago I said I would write a novel length MCR fan-fiction. Anyway, I have started the novel fan-ficition and I would like for you all to read it when you have the chance.

It will be based on Danger Days: Killjoys just my own take on it. Seasonal and solar/lunar shifting and other things. Please, please read. If you would like for me to post it on here let me know, I just don't want to clog up the feed. that's the link to Phase 1 of the story.

Enjoy, please give me some feedback.

I'm Bi But My Family Will Not Accept It

Hello killjoys,

I am seeking advice or simply just your ears, ears that will listen.

The other night I was out with some friends, having a nice BBQ and my friends are bi like me and told me how easy it was to tell their family they liked both men and women.

Anyway, my parents are homophobia. I know they will say "you are not". Then once I have told them and believed me, I am scared that they will kick me out, never talk to me again and see me differently.

Like I can't be myself around my family without them thinking something is wrong with me - I mean I am quirky, I am artistic and I am


Fans who are attacking Mikey ought to be ashamed of themselves! HE MADE A MISTAKE!! We all fucking make mistakes, it's how we fucking learn in life. Yes, he fucked up big time, but not like any one on this site can say they have never fucked up majorly! Stop fucking directly tweeting at him and calling him a liar, cheater and shit! This is none of our fucking business, and we don't even know if this shit is even true! What is more appalling about this fanbase is that on Twitter people are hastagging #RIPmikeyway! What the fuck is wrong with you all!