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Life is on a roll


This is an update that is long overdue. What a crazy year? All I can say is whoa! But, life is on the roll and they said to start living you need to move off the chair and do shit.

I am still studying and near the end of my course, so soon I will be a qualified journalist! But away from school, I have been writing a few comic books with some friends, making music and using my spare time to go to concerts, party, travel and do photography.

I love photography. I photograph nature, animals and weather and anything that has some sort of beauty attached to it.

My Medical Relationship ... South Park

I found this on a link to Kerrang!
I'm still laughing.

Holy Hell I Have Not Been On Here For Ages!

Despite what the time and date say, it is actually the 25 of October 2013 and 2:25am in Australia.

Before I stopped posting on this site, largely because I thought it would be taken down because of the band disbanding, but for some reason mindfucking with us again (THAT'S WHY I FUCKING LOVE THEM!), I started to write a novel length fan-fiction. Should I continue it or don't worry about it? Hmmm.... decisions. No really read them anyway.

I'm sitting here eating 2 minute noodles, doing my assignment and watching/listening to horrible commerical music and completely bored out of my mind but not


Gerard, Ray, Frank and Mikey listened to Doc and absorbed as much information as possible. The evil plans, strategies and intentions of Korse and his sister made the Killjoys angry, but the counter-attack by the Killjoys was delightful.

Doc announced all the challenges that stood in the way of a successful plan to stop Korse and his sister from destroying the Earth and killing all humanity. The violence that awaited startled the Killjoys as violence has never been a part of their nature.

“You will have to kill Dracs, and Dracs once upon a time used to be human but they are just robots in


Somewhere out in the desert,
Monday, 13th April 2020
Time: 5:30am

Clank! Crack! Bang! The sound of wood pounding on metal echoed through the abandoned gas station. The loud noise started outside but slowly made its way closer and closer to the bedroom where the Killjoys were sleeping. Mikey, Ray, Frank and Gerard all covered their ears and tried to block out the noise, refusing to compromise any sleep.

“Wake up!” shouted a woman with blonde hair.

“They are descendants,” whispered Doc.

The blonde haired woman stared down at Doc. “So,” she said.

“Come on guys wake up.


Somewhere in the desert,
Sunday, 12th April 2020
Time: 4:56am

The masks were made, the jackets and pants were done and they all modelled their outfits. Gerard was already thinking like a superhero, but Mikey, Ray and Frank could not help but to think this was some sort of a joke out of a comedy movie.

None of them had sleep a wink since Doctor Death Defying told them about their written destiny. Mikey was awake all night not knowing whether to believe Doctor Death Defying or consider him an escaped mental patient.

“I know what you are thinking”, a little voice whispered.

Mikey looked around

I'm All Alone, There's No One Beside Me...

The title pretty much sums it up.

I'm alone on Valentine's Day once again, while all my friends and most of my family have somebody to call Valentine.

Not that I like Valentine's Day anyway - like why must one person set aside a specific date to show someone how much they love each other.

The sad truth is is that I am in love with a guy who won't ever love me back. What's even sadder is that I am being like a little teenage drama queen going "my love life sucks", despite these teenage girls, most having somebody to cuddle up to.

I am just rambling now.


Hello :)

What an eventful night I have had tonight, for correction I love in the southern part of the equator.

Babysitting my nephew is always a hands on task, he is 4 years old, which is okay because I am a energetic plastic ball too.

Had to drive him to sister's place where she works, it is easier that way because she is obviously tired and I don't mind driving I actually love driving. Where she works is like 8 kilometers away, so that is roughly 4 miles. Did that.

Then I receive a phone call, it is from my sister and she says her brakes are not working.

PHASE 3: Bury the Truth and it will be Unearthed… Eventually

Somewhere in the desert,
Thursday, April 9th 2020,
Time: 12:21pm

Gravel soon became dirt and buildings soon became tall stalks of cacti and large rocks; Doctor Death Defying’s bike caused a thick plume of dust as he zipped down the straight desert road making visibility tough for Mikey, Ray and Frank, being passengers looking out the window trying to enjoy the view, but not so tough for Gerard.

“Dude, can you even see where you are going?” asked Ray in the back seat.

“Yeah,” answered Gerard.

“I’m curious. Why is that Gerard is not yet frozen like the drivers in LA?” asked Mikey.


My Friend Is Fucking Awesome!

My birthday is close.

And I remember the best gift I have ever received from my friends.

A hand made drawing of Kobra Kid himself - Mikey Way.

I love it so much!

But this site will not allow my to upload it because it is in the wrong format :(

Can't fit Ray, only four spots :(