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Can't sleep

I can't sleep. All I can think about is how I got attacked, but explaining this situation in the last post did make me feel better, I feel like I told someone.




There are some people who have some shit they want to say and there are people who HAVE to say shit just to get compliments.
"Urgh, I'm so bad at playing the guitar, but look at my 200 000 videos on youtube that show HOW GOOD I PLAY IT." Don't mind me, I'm just fishing for compliments.
There are people who have real problems and they say stuff just because they really think that way, but when It is obvious that you are just trying to get "aww, that is not true! You are great!", it really makes me sick.
F'off and take a long nap.
Ok, I may or may not have been overreacting, but I can't be the

I don't even know

Hi, I am still here if you ask.
So, there are small things that I have done the past days, and I wanted to say that I want to blog, but I don't know about what. I think that I am going to do some questions, because why not, and we'll talk after that.


As you may know (But you don't) I live in a place, where school has ended. My life has gotten 86% better, but to be honest, school took my mind off of some stupid stuff I think about now. My motivation is GONE and I don't want to do anything.


I was thinking that it wouldn't hurt to make a blog. I was not wrong, it didn't hurt and here I am, writing stuff that no one cares about. knowing that I have NO IDEA of what I really am doing, I am going to update my coolnesss with you. I guess bye for now.