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Just got it!!! If you don't have it, go get it. It seriously rocks. =)

Still Cannot Come up with Title. (And Yes, That IS the Title) pt 8

I woke up, not in the booth, but in a fairly large room. I was laying in a queen sized bed, there was one lamp next to me, black walls with more posters, wooden flooring, and a large cobweb decorated window.
I crawled out of the bed, ready to yell at Toxic for giving me his bed when I told him not to, when I saw a cake on the counter. Pain and Toxic were standing behind it, smiling.
“Happy birthday!” They yelled out.
I was shocked. “Erm, my birthday was 5 months ago…” I said awkwardly.
“We know, but you missed your birthday so…” Toxic Skull came forward.
I had to smile at that, at their care

Still Cannot Come up with Title. (And Yes, That IS the Title) pt 7

It was dusk when I finally finished. My motor bike was now red with black dripping down. Pretty badass. I love it.
I walked into the diner, my hands covered in paint. I walked into the bathroom to wash it all off. Gross, I still had a little bit of the smell. I quietly walked down the hall and into the diner.
I grabbed a can from my bag and started to eat at the booth. Yum. Nothing tastes better than a can of shit. Seriously, I’m gonna die from a heart attack one day because of this taste. Yuck.
Pain Charm slid in across from me.
I looked up from my empty can and took out my pocket knife.

Still Cannot Come up with Title. (And Yes, That IS the Title) pt 6

I woke up, wondering where the hell I was. Then I remembered. I stood up and shook off all the sand. I sat on my motorcycle and ran my fingers through my thick brown hair. Then I did my daily morning routine: stretch, rub eyes, dust off clothes and clean up area, that routine hasn’t changed in years.
I walked into the diner wearing just a tank top and shorts. Pain and Toxic Skull were sitting there, eating Power Pup. “Pass me some of that sh**, Pain.” I told her.
She threw a can to me and I caught it with one hand. I took out my pocket knife and cut it open.

Still Cannot Come up with Title. (And Yes, That IS the Title) pt 5 i think

“Who’s there?!” Someone yelled from inside the diner.
It obviously was a guy from the voice.
I quickly took out my ray gun and knife, not knowing what to expect.
“I thought you said this place is abandoned!” Pain Charm whispered over to me. I looked over to her, my expression telling her to shut up now.
A kid, boy to be exact, walked out. He looked around my age, maybe a year older. He had long black shaggy hair, brown, nearly black, eyes, and pale skin. He was wearing a black leather jacket, blue tee shirt covered in blood, dark jeans, and combat boots. He was actually kind of cute.

Still Cannot Come up with Title. (And Yes, That IS the Title) pt 4?

“Perfect.” I whispered.
The route had a no Drac history, was a thirty minute drive, and barely had any turns. That’s good for motorcycles, since there was nothing else to drive.
Pain Charm burst into the lobby, complaining like always. “This place is disgusting! It’s littered, burnt, moldy, and don’t get me started on the smells! I just found a RAT living in my closet! We are leaving tom-AH!” She screamed and jumped on a chair, pointing at a small hairy spider.
I failed keeping my giggles in while squishing the poor thing. “Better? And don’t worry, this is the last day here.” I said.


Hi. Hehe. Just sitting here, writing my story. What's up?

Gosh, I have so many blogs called Bored!

Bored again!!! Anyone wanna chat???

Still Cannot Come up with Title. (And Yes, That IS the Title)

“My arms are going to fall off!” Pain Charm complained...again “Where is that motorcycle?”
I rolled my eyes… again. “One, you are BARELY carrying her! I have all her weight on me! Two, we’re almost there. Just wait another 5 minutes, okay?”
She glared at me.
“You know, someday your face will end up stuck like that.” I pointed out.
She smacked me on the arm. “Abusive much?” I said with a fake sniffle.
Walking along for a few more minutes I prayed for the stupid motorcycle to show up soon, it did about three minutes later up, “There’s the motorcycle!”
Pain Charm sighed with relief, she looked

He is Now One of Us.

Killjoy Bear. Danger Days CD. He is one of us. haha