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Ugh.... Home sick again!!! I have this horibble sore throat which sometimes keeps me from talking and sleeping.... Like now. I should be asleep, but I'm not. Anyways, I've tried it all; Advil, Chloraseptic, gurgling salt water; and they all have the same result: Nothing. Any tips?


Can anyone give me the link to this story on here called Yesterday? I really like it, but then I lost the link so..... Thankies!!!

Oh Shoot...

So my friend told my friends that she knows who I like.... One problem... The guy I like is my friends brother. She asked me who it was... How do I tell her?? What do I tell her???

Taught Them Well....

My nephew and cousin love MCR!!! Awesome eh?

AbNoRmAl Stolen!

(x)1. You have a sibling you sometimes don't get along with
( )2. Female- you love good clothes Male- you love sports
( )3. You can't stand loud music
( )4. You wish to have a good job (doctor, lawyer, etc.)
(x)5. You sometimes hate your parents a lot
( )6. You have lots of friends
Total: 2
(x)1. You are me
(x)2.You like comic books/videogames/head banging to rock music with a brush in the bathroom
(x)3. You don't have many friends, but the one's you have love you to death.
(x)4. You want to be a rock star, or astronaut when you grow up
(x)5. when your parents think your


Seriously guys, i'm about to give up on the mcrmy. we just dont act like a family anymore!

Are You Kidding Me?!

Are you fucking kidding me?! Seriously?! Fighting because someone said something about the fucking contest?! Sorry bout the language, but I am seriously pissed off. I'm starting to have doubts on this "family". We've been fighting so much lately! When I came on here the first day, I thought that I could tell you people anything! Now I really don't! Someone DELETED their account because people put him/her down! DELETED. Remember that rule? The fourth one?
4. Be excellent to each other
We're all a big family here, so even if you don't agree with someone, be respectful.


My LIfe
[x] I have both parents (not for long…)
[] I am adopted
[x] I am in school
[] I plan on going to college
[] I have finished school
[x] music is my life
[x] I can't live without music
[x] music has saved my life
[x] music has saved my life more than once
Career Plans
[x] I can play an instrument
[x] I sing
[] I can't do anything really.
My Other Music
[x] Green Day
[x] Avenged Sevenfold
[x] My Chemical Romance
[x] Evanesence
[] Pinkly Smooth (the rev

Another Drawing.....

Took me around 3 hours to draw. It's Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I might color it in later, but right now I gotz to make a bed for my bass...

3:00 AM and I REALLY Need to Tell You Guys This....

So far Christmas has been fine..... ish..... Not. My dad gave my mom for Christmas a letter. Not just any letter though. The letter said he filed for divorce. On Christmas. Yup. Then, on the ride home from my aunts house, I saw an accident. The SAME accident that killed my cousin! Anyway, that's pretty much it.... My friend said I can stay at her house while my parents are going through that shit but.... Yea....
Is it hard?