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I do not understand.

The first time i saw that my chemical romance had slip up, i thought i was a joke by the person who posted it. so i ignored it, and brushed it off, then i saw it again and again. this was series and i came to the site and i read it and i cried. that all i did, i felt lost. My Chemical romance has been right behind in everything i have done in my life, sometimes you do not think the effects that music has in your life. music can really change someone, it can define you as a person. I dress the part and i love it. I can say that been what people call an "emo kid" and i am not in to labels but if that what i was called for listening to My Chemical romance that i never cared. I am proud to say to the close minded people that i am an "emo kid" and that even though in the back of my head i can not admit that my all time favorite band is splitting up i well ways be a killjoy, emo kid and a my Chemical Romance fan for life!!

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Volunteer to feed killjoys!!

Hey! Pink lighing here.
if you love food and good with a knife (even if its to slay a ghole) join my lighting dragon kitchen! I need killjoys that are good with ideas about food, good at spelling (cause I suck lol) and commited to this project. Oohh! I need someone thats good with finding pics! This will help with the menu.
Thanks, pink lighing out!

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Do not go hungry!

Dear, killjoy
Pink lighting is reporting from the zone. As a chef and proud killjoy I have decited to daily report the manu. This will include all three meals of the day and dessert, I to will include on info of any type of info about how we got the food.
This mean that I will need volunteer, brave killjoys that enjoy serves, food, traveling and kicking major a$$.
I to need killjoys that will donate fresh raw food.
This how it works leave a post or message me if you want to volunteer, or donate food.
If your have any ideas for a good meal post or message me. Im here to serve!
Pink lighting out!

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Fresh blood.

real name: lets say it is beca
killjoy name: pink lighting

job:head chef, and history keeper

costume: pink and black fishnet stocking, leather black combat boots with a pink lighting bolts on the side, yellow plad mini skirt with black lacy ruffles under, a t-shirt with the sholder cut off saying "JOIN THE KILLJOYS SAVE JAPAN!!!" , white face bright red lips with pink and red eye shadow and heavy eyeliner. Howhack shaved sides hair goes down to my shoulders bright pink highlighs with red bangs to the side.

weponds:two pink taser guns (Jupiter and Robin) A butcher knife with a red handle ingraved (look alive sunshine)
i love to serve good food even in this sad times. You forgot something or to young to remember I might know.