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PMHA -.-"

Walaa. nakakinis kase! -.-" alam mo yun :/ pinagmadali ka para sa isang photocontest tapos hindi na kailangan! Damm. Nakakiyamot! Paasa T__________________T
I did my very best for this :3 But nothing did happen. I dunno if they are a kind of shit! pissed off.

I'm Back ! :)))))))))))))

Let's rock . :))
Yow killjoys, howdy ??

Oya ! Psh. I missed this site ! :/

Psh. I become busy .
I had pictorials, photoshoot and some traings. hm , I quitted on being a varsity player because of some matters,
I cant handle them ! :(((((

# share

Coveeeeeeeeer :))

Mcr's cover page was so awesome :))


Without MCR !!

i'm thinking last night if mcr didnt exist ?? i guess my life was really like i'm on a dark road alone. tss. i really love. mcr, like the way i love my self. they're part of me , my entire life ! they're awesome . right ??

banana for real :P


laugh !! :)))))))))))

hey. I'm just sharing this photo , :) it makes me laugh everytime --

it makes me laugh everytime i look at it --

read !! please !

I dont know what am I gonna wear tommorow !! tss..
** can you suggest something ?? thanks .

frIend of mIne :)

another picture with my friend :)

** taken @ Isla Verde, bAtangas cIty Philippines ^^.


its MORE fuN IN THE philIPPINES !! :)