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omg im going to enter the contest it sounds like fun i already have my killjoy costume done and it looks fuckin awesome (not to brag or anything) i cant wait only 38 days until danger days comes out yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyy!!! love it

o ya and the guy thiat i got my friend to aask out for me said yess im so happy he is so adorable hehe

killjoys keep making fucking noise and dont take nobodys shit

your fellow killjoy
peppermint kat

love it

awesomenes i just bought the only hope for me is you and i have listened to it like 20 times i absolutly love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am almost done with my killjoy costume yay =)
anyway tommorow im gonna get my friend to ask this guy that i like out for me tommorow but im a bit scared that he ll say no like we ve dated two times already but we would still be dating right now if i hadnt of broken up with him =( i hope he says yes!!!!!

killjoys keep makein noise
dont ever stop
scream until your lungs give out
ill be right there with you

oh ya i might dye my hair bright red idk but i think

the only hope for me is you

i love i love it i love it this is an amazingly awesome song i know alot of people have critized about it and saying its not the same my chemical romace they heard before but i mean they ve changed it would get kinda boring if they stayed the same through all there albums they changed with the black parade and they ve changed now they cant please everybody if you dont like it you dont like it move on i mean theyve grown up they have families now the whole band is different but they still have the same lovable hearts that they did when they wrote there first song anyway like someone said


whats up MCRmy
nuthin much here as usual
43 DAY left until november 22
man i cant take another hour why are they releasing it so late =(
i want it now and so do a ton of other people
i keep listening to na na na ,welcome to the black parade and helena over and over and over again today i just cant stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those trannsmissions are kinda creepy
expecially the klsk one it has the face after you stare at the spinning thing for awhile then that weather man dude comes on he says "the only news" at the end wow weird stuff
also make some noise!!!!!!!


gerard- it taste like someone stole my wallet
love it you got to love him
well i am goin to sleep nite nite MCRmy

ello my fellow killjoys

well today was a depressing day for im bored i have listened to na na na 100 times today whoa nelly
anyway....i have a question

theres this guy ive dated him two times over the summer and im pretty sure he still like me i regret breaking up with him i want to date him again but my friends keep tellin me i shouldnt because he went to juvie for having drugs at school and he smokes i dont have a problem with what he does but my freinds do but i know there just lookin out for me
so what do yall think i should do
date him again or go with my friends advice???
i need help i cant take it hes like a


i dont get guys like they act like they like you but they dont jeez and them some of them keep asking you out even though u keep sayin no
could someone please explain


na na na love it haha lol anyway im writing a story so far ive writen 21 pages and i just satrted it friday but its about this girl her name is luck and she has a problem with pills her parents kicked her out because there disgusted with her addiction she lives with her abusive boyfriend nick he has a drinking problem anyway she hangs out with her friends at a party and meets this guy his name is jasper (jazz) hall they fall in love she leaves nick for jazz now he is trying to help her with her problem but soon finds out he has a bigger problem, secretly hidden from her
does it sound good to

killjoys make some NOICE!!!!!!!!

AWESOME cant wait till november 22 lol i made up a killjoy name here it is hope you like it


i think it represents my personality so heck ya
im going to be a killjoy for halloween
its gonna be awesome im putting purple red and black temporary hair color in my hair its goin to be awesome yeah caint wait halloween is my favorite holiday