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Fav music video

Ok I'm bored so I just thought Id ask. What's your favorite song and music video? I doesn't have to be MCR just any song or video that you love the most:))) So im gonna tell you mine: Fav song is.....tie between shake me down by cage the elephant and you know what they do to guys like us in prison by MCR Fave video is another tie(sorry:)) between in one ear by cage the elephant and i don't love you:))))!!


Another random blog

The singer for Cage The Elephant,Matt Schultz,is awesome and hot.On stage he is extremely hyper cuz he has ADHD but he still cool.I just wanted to say that.Thanks!


Random blog(idk)!

So I haven't slept in two days I blame the fun dip that I'm eating for so I have been listenin to this band Cage The Elephant all day!!I yeah I know this is but I'm bored so I just thought Id bring this up.Anyway has anyone heard them?There pretty good,I mean there not like MCR there more like....well I don't know what they are really but I love them anyway:)I have just been looking for more bands and music cause most of mine is green day and MCR.Yes I love both of them alot but I want more variety,ya know? Anyway thats all for right know:)

Happy new years killjoys:)

Happy new years I hope very one had or is still having a good time.I watched MCR on NBC and they were AMAZING.I can't believe how fast 2010 went.I mean I'm glad it's over well not exactly glad happy I guess,2010 was a kinda boring year for me.Nothing big really happened.But I'm still gonna miss it for some strange reason.
Well I do have a few new years resolutions:
1.I'm going to stay fit and healthy.
2.I going to practice to get better at softball.
3.I'm gonna be more confident and have faith in myself in everything I do.
4.I'm gonna draw more and write as much as I can.
Well that's about it


Hey guys well I have a problem well um first off I'm bisexual and I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend at the same time.Is that wrong?I mean I like both if them very much but I feel like I'm cheating on my bf with my gf.I just need some advice before I have a mental break down:(


Uh I dont have a title...

Um well in respect of the band and everybody on here I have official stopped posting my fanfiction.dont get pissed at me if I do ever write any more it will be on mibba so I just wanted to let the people that do read it know. Sorry


Fanfiction #7

I waked up that morning to a sweet smell.I looked over to that Gerard wasn't in the bed.He must be cooking something.I got up,opened the door and headed to the kitchen.I walked over to the table and sat down in the chair.
Gerard turned around,"good morning."He smiled and I smiled back at him.
"What are you cooking?"I asked because I couldn't see what was infront of him.He turned around and flipped two blueberry pancakes on the plate that was infront of me."I hope you like pancakes!"he smiled.
"oh yeah.I love them!"I smiled.
"bacon?"he asked as he held out the plate of bacon.
"oh no,I'm a

Fanfiction # 6

I looked at him,realizing that I was breathing heavily.Am I falling for him?I looked at him as he smiled at me apologizingly.I am not gay,I thought,knowing that I wasn't sure what I was.I looked at him and noticed he was still looking at me worriedly.So I calmed myself down and went over and sat next to him.I didnt know what to say during this akward silence so I just looked down at the floor,waiting for him to say something.
"are you okay?you look bit shaken up."I looked up at him weirdly,thinking do I look okay to you.
"I don't know.I have no idea how I feel about you and that dint help at

fanfiction #5

I took a bite of the casserole.It was delicious."Where did you learn to draw like that?"I asked him while stuffing my mouth with food.
"Well,I went to an art college in New York.I draw comics.Have you ever heard of The Umbrella Academy?"he asked as he at the last bite of food.I was also done with mine so he took both of our plates and put them in the sink.I sat back and took a sip of water.
"Yeah,I've heard of them,but I've never read one.Why,do you draw them?"I asked as he came back and sat down.
"Yeah."he answered.My eyes got big.
"Thats cool."I said cooly.He smiled at me.


ok guys i need a title for my fanfiction story but i have no idea! any ideas killjoys? id appreciate the help :)

Peppermint Gasoline