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MCR challenge - day 1

Favorite member of MCR:

All of them. Seriously, I can't pick a favorite, it's impossible.
They all mean so much to me and are amazing, so I can't and won't choose one.
Deal with it.

Stay beautiful... *silence*... KEEP IT UGLY! :D

~ Kobra Patch

He thinks I'm alone

My dad just said that he's worried because he thinks I'm alone.
I tell him all the time that I hang out with people at school (I've actually managed to get a few really good friends there, so it's true) but we don't really hang out after school.
My dad seems to think though that if you're alone after school, you're alone all the time.
I've also told him that I talk with people on the internet, but then he said something like "But I mean in real life".
I get so tired of it, because even though I know he's wrong, he makes me feel like a failure. And why doesn't people on the internet count?


R.I.P. all the victims of 9/11.
You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten.

Happy birthday, Mikey!

Happy birthday, Mikey Way!
You're an amazing inspiration and person and you've inspired and taught me (and many others) so much.
You definitely deserve the best day today.
I wish with all of my heart that you'll never leave MCR, and that you will keep being you, no matter what.
Thanks for being the most awesome, amazing, inspirational and perfect bass player ever.

Sincerely Kobra Patch and hopefully the rest of the MCRmy and MCR

Random thoughts (trust me)

I really want a pair of skeleton gloves (like Frank's)
I like the new MCR logo
I want MCR5 now
Taylor Swift will perform on VMAs tonight
I'll go up in the middle of the night to watch it
I love finding similarities between me and Mikey/Gerard/Frank/Ray
My school's loud
I don't like some of my teachers
I have finally got Bullets and LOTMS
LOTMS made me fucking emotional
I need more sleep
Take me to Narnia
"That is mahogany!"
I sometimes google words just to spell them right
Are you

Guitar Lessons

Okay, so yesterday I go my times for guitar lessons, and, I don't know, they're weird.
On Thursdays I got this really big hole in my schedule, so I was like "Maybe I can have a guitar lesson here?", 'cause it would've been perfect.
But then the other girl in my class, who also plays guitar, wanted to have a lesson there too, so I just got the half hole (twenty minutes, we're supposed to have fourty each week), which means I will have 40 minutes to kill before my next lesson.
Anyway, I had found four times when I could have a guitar lesson, but then it shows that
1. On Mondays when I could, my

30 Seconds To Mars

So right now I'm listening to 30 Seconds To Mars, and I think they're really good. Before I'd only heard L490, but then I didn't listen to any of their other songs.
I've actually had in mind a couple of times to listen to something more from them, but I haven't done it until now.
Well, now I'm gonna keep listening to them and try to make a birthday present for my dad.

Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.

Stolen Because Of Zombies

1. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - MCR
2. Dead! - MCR
3. House Of Wolves - MCR
4. Disenchanted - MCR
5. Next To You- Anthrax
6. I Don't Love You - MCR
8. If This Was A Movie - Taylor Swift
9. There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet - P!ATD
10. Concede Repent Destroy - FVK

And once again he made me cry

I don't know why I cry, but I know it's because of my dad.
He was just in my room and talked about how I should ask more questions and that it seems like I don't care about anyone.
He doesn't understand the fact that I'm more open with people I feel comfortable with, than with people I barely know, like his fiancée and her kids.
And then he asked if I was lonely, cause I always go straight home after school.
He doesn't think you can have friends on the internet, which I have.
And after 6-7 hours with the same people you don't always feel like spending another 3 hours with anyone of them.


I just wanna say that I'm so proud of Gerard for being clean and sober for eight years now. I'm a pretty new fan of MCR, so I actually found out today that he's been clean for eight years today, but that doesn't make me less happy and proud.
You know, I've found out a lot since I started to listen to them. Most important is probably that I've found an army/family that always supports me.
So congratulations to Gerard for being clean for 8 years, and thanks to MCR and the MCRmy for being such amazing people.


/Kobra Patch