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Bass covers 2013

So I just made a youtube-account for bass covers, and the first one will be out next year. I would be really happy if you subscribed and then you would also know exactly when the cover's out.
Well, here's the link (hope it works):

It's spelled C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

Merry Christmas people! Or well, here, Christmas-Christmas was yesterday but that obviously didn't stop me from saying "Merry Christmas" :)

(Then she randomly writes:) My Chem's version of All I Want For Christmas Is You is the best version, your argument is invalid.

School project pt 2

So, some of you may know about my school project if you read my last blog, but if you don't I'll give you some short info;
We're supposed to choose a song and write about, like when it was written and recorded, what the bpm is, who's written it etc, but we also have to write the lyrics and what the song is about (in our opinion).

Alright, so I choose to work with It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish, but that might change since... well, I'm just that kind of person.
Anyway, I think it's moving forward - I've written some of the basic stuff, the lyrics and what I think the lyrics are

School project

Alright, so I'm gonna do kind of a school project which I'm very excited about, and it's about writing about a song. We're supposed to write things like when and how it was recorded, what instruments are playing, who wrote it etc, but we're also supposed to write the lyrics and, if the song isn't in Swedish, translate it to Swedish and write what the song is about.
Of course I'm gonna choose a My Chem song, I just don't know which. You see, it's on that point I need your help. I would appreciate it if you could comment a song (by MCR) that you think I should choose to work with.

Drowning Lessons

Hi, guys. I've made a video with lyrics for Drowning Lessons which I'm proud of, so if you just could waste 4:24 minutes checking it out I would be really happy.
If not, pleeeease. You can do your homework later.
Now when you've seen it, have a nice evening/morning/day/night or whatever :)

Frank's birthday!

Happy birthday Frank!
Happy Ieroween killjoys!
Wait... are we still killjoys? 'Cause I'm still calling us that.
Anyway, today is the day, the day when the endlessly inspiring and wonderful man Frank Iero was born - 31 years ago.
One of the guitarists in the best band in the world (yes, I'm talking about My Chem), father to Cherry, Lily and Miles Iero and husband to Jamia Iero.
I hope he's having a great birthday and that the Iero family is alright,
I'm gonna upload a picture of Frank now and then post this (that'll probably sound stupid when this is posted).

Hm... looks like it became three


Not in my country though, but still. The RED era is here!
Two years since Speak Now was released, two years since I became a Swiftie.
Sorry if this post bothers you, I just have to let go of some feelings.
Okay, I'm calmer now.


~ Kobra Patch

Been to a MCR concert?

Hey, guys. I have a question to the ones of you who have ever been to a MCR concert; did you go by yourself or with a friend or a parent or a sibling or someone else?
I'm just curious, so please comment your answer(s) below.

~ Kobra Patch

School and stuff

I'm gonna talk (write) about school now, so if you really don't wanna think about anything school-related during the weekend you probably shouldn't read this.

Alright, so today I had a test in chemistry, and to be honest I think I did pretty well. I thought it would be much harder, so I had googled like every word on a paper that said what we should know and so, but it was mostly about knowing how things affects each other in the nature and everyday chemistry.
Let's move on to the next subject; Swedish.

MCR challenge - day 12

Favorite cover of a non-MCR song:
Well, right now it's between Desolation Row and Astro Zombies.
Alright, Desolation Row it is.
MCR's cover of it is great, their music video for the song is also great and it's on the soundtrack for Watchmen, so yeah...

Off topic: Finally got Watchmen from the library by the way, 24 days too late (the guy who had it before me didn't really return it in time).
So when this blog is posted I will probably keep reading it because it's amazing this far.

Off topic 2: I'm almost not doing smileys anymore on the internet. They've started to look weird...