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My comeback, haha

1. Adults' menus at restaurants do not interest me
2. I can barely leave my room if I'm the only one awake and it's dark
3. I still sleep with stuffed animals

1. Little kids annoy me
2. I drink tea
3. I'm awake at 1:20 am

1. Stop having my period at the most inconvenient times
2. Be in a punk-rock band
3. Finish LotR

1. I wear crew necks almost exclusively
2. I use a backpack
3. I know some things about computers??

1. I use pads

You Me At Six LIVE

I saw and met You Me At Six yesterday and it was amazing. They signed my stuff and chatted a little and I gave Max a letter to all of YMAS (which was lucky, 'cause I couldn't find the words to really thank them when I stood there). They were really nice and smiled and then I might have stood outside for a while, looking in at them through a window. When it was time for the show, they were great and we (i.e.

Can You Feel My Heart

Here's from when I saw Bring Me The Horizon (among others) live last year. It was amazing.

not being able to go to concerts sucks

I don't have school for a week now, so I should be pretty happy, right? Well, that's not really the case. This coming week I will be missing two concerts with two of my favorite bands, one of which I've already missed once. That sucks more than most things. I mean c'mon, two concerts in a week? Why on earth did they have to come exactly that week? Fucking goddammit.

Anyway, happy Valentine's and all that.


20:37, 16/12/13

Guess what I'm going to do in March next year? Hint: I'M GOING TO SEE YOU ME AT SIX LIVE. I will probably go with 1-3 friends, and I'm so excited. They will be the fourth band I see live, and even though it's like 80-90 days left I'm preparing myself and getting more and more excited for each youtube-video with them I see and each song of theirs I listen to. Other than that, this Christmas I will finally be home-home, which is the first time in a few years and I will be spending it at mom's. I'm kinda excited to give her a painting of a cat I've done...
Yeah, I'm also getting better grades


So I saw Bring Me The Horizon and Pierce The Veil live three days ago and IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. They both rocked and I was in my first circle pit (I think it was during Caraphernelia) and for a while I was really close to the barrier and I screamed and sang and jumped and it was just great. The concert was altogether about three hours long (Sights & Sounds played too), so I was pretty tired when it was over and I only slept six hours that night (school next day), but it was totally worth it.

Join The Club

I made a music video to Bring Me The Horizon's song Join The Club. Feel free to watch it :)

Saturday night. I mean Sunday.

I'm seeing Bring Me The Horizon and Pierce The Veil in less than two weeks and I'm freaking out a little, You Me At Six are coming to Sweden next year and I've seemed to hate myself a little less today. Also, I think I'm about to get a cold, MCR has not been a band for eight months (I still haven't recovered from the break-up) and i'M SEEING BRING ME THE HORIZON AND PIERCE THE VEIL LIVE IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. I'm super-excited. Oh, right, I also got my Sempiternal cd after waiting for over a week (the delivery time was supposed to be 1-3 days), and I absolutely love it.

school stuff

So I live in Sweden, and here you usually study at a... "gymnasium" after you've finished the compulsory comprehensive school (wikipedia said it's called so in English). When you choose what - shit, I don't think there even is an English word for it - gymnasium to study at, you choose what to, um, read there, like you can choose aesthetic orientation, or scientific, or you can study to become a carpenter... You get the point. So, time has now come for me to choose what to study since I'm starting the gymnasium next year.


Happy birthday, Frank and happy Ieroween, guys!