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okay, so how many people are Black Veil Brides fans? because I wrote a song and sent it to them and last night, I know a friend that has connections to talk to them, and they told her that they want to use my song in their next album!! Andy Biersack is going to send me a document that we both sign for the rights to it, and my name will be on the album, and i get a profit of whatever the CD makes!! I am practically vibrating with happiness!!! And no, it's not a freaking set up by someone. I know what the hell i'm doing. but still, OMG!!!

I need a hug.

There is just sooo much endless drama building up in my life right now that i'm not even sure life is worth living right now....

An Insight

These last couple weeks, no matter how much company I have, I'm more lonely than I have been since 7th grade. I'm trying so hard to get myself together, but with my mom taking her sweet ass time trying to get me a mental evaluation appointment, and my depression swamping me day after day, i'm about ready to give up. All that coupled with the fact that i've gained 5 fucking pounds since Friday, I am not a happy camper. I want to talk to people but when I try, they're just never around. And I don't want to be endlessly complaining, because I know how that drives people away from me.

Inspiration of the day

"My life was awful. When I was a kid, I was fat, pretty ugly and had awful hair. I used to get teased every fucking day. Slammed up against lockers, punched in the face - you name it. Hell, I had to go to prom with one of my female friends because I couldnt even get a proper date. I cant even look back at those photos because I look so bad. I transfered schools, but the teasing just got worse. After a, lets say, “incident” I had with the school play, the bullying just got worse. But I made it through high school, only to find out that real life was pretty much the same.

I love her work!!

pleeease check her out. i will give you a free cookie.

Por Favor?? :D

Anyone wanna sends me some badass MCR ringtones? i would love you forever.


Anyone wanna sends me some badass MCR ringtones? i would love you forever.


You know what time it is, right?
join the hug!! Spread the love!!!!!!


*BOOM* lolz that was a firecracker. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! XD

how lame.

ya know what sucks? getting your phone taken away for reasons my parents aren't even sure are TRUE.