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opinions needed!!

i've been trying to think of a Killjoy name for myself but i think i need some help. i've got four sp far and i want all you motorbabies's opinions on what sounds best:
Cap'n Badass
Miss Revenge
Bandit Blaster
KK Venom

Killjoy Names!!!

k so i got a couple Killjoy Names that iv'e been kicking around. leave which ones you think are best:
Cap'n Badass (inside joke)
Miss Revenge
Bandit Blaster
KK Venom


What is your name? Helena - MCR (jk it's Kristen but still)

How is your life going? Better IN Time- Leona Lewis

What is your nickname? The Real Sim Shady- Eminem

What is your theme song? Numb- Linkin Park

What is your best friend's theme song? A Little Piece Of Heaven- Avenged Sevenfold

How is your life going to turn out? Krazy- Pitbull

Will you get married? I'm Just A Kid - Simple Plan

Will you have kids? I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy

What will your job be? Rockstar - Nickelback

Will you finish school? Whe I Grow Up- Pussycat Dolls

Who is your best friend? Whatsername - Green Day

Who is or

postin shit up in this bitch :D

When Did You First Discover MCR?

When Did You Start to Like MCR?
When I first heard their song :3

Which Was Your First Song?
This Is How I Disappear

Which Was Your First Album?
The Black Parade

What Was Your First Music Video?
Famous Last Words

Which Band Member’s Name Did You Learn First?


Favorite Song?
I Never Tols You What I Do For A Living

Favorite Album?
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Favorite Music Video
Famous Last Words or Welcome To the Black Parade

Favorite Band Member that's hard
im not choosing
they're all my favorites
but for different

boo haters

wow. well um for those who commented on my first blog, thanks for following the no hating policy. it's my damn opinion, chill the hell out. i still fucking love My Chem. no need to get freakin grumpy cuz i put my opinion out there

P.S. Save Yourself effin rocks my socks


k so yesterday i caught wind that MCR might be breaking up after Danger Days. i have no clue if it's true or not but if it is, am I the only one completely and utterly devastated? will someone please clarify the legit ness of this?

Haha ohh you hot topic cashiers need to get lives

yay for me!! I pre-ordered Danger Days today. This album, I think, will kick some major butt. at first when Na Na Na came out me n my friend Lia were all "whuut?" and then again when "The Only Hope For Me Is You " came out. We had some major doubts 'cuz at first we're thought omg if this is gonna be a techno-ey album ima shoot Gerard in the foot but then stuff like SING and Save Yourself came out and now we're fucken ecstatic. But , and please don't hate me for this, does this seem like a mid life crisis album? There's endless proof that points toward it.