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sing until your lungs give out..

would any of you guys actually be interested in reading some of the songs i've written?


So recently my mother decides that she's gonna start going into my therapy sessions WITH me and being all nosy and wanting to know eery little thing about me. I wasn't having that. It's supposed to be confidential. So she decides to take away my medication and not allow me to go to therapy anymore.
That was yesterday morning. Last night, shit hit the fan. We got into the mother of all horrific arguements,and she decided to throw me out. She told me to call up my friend Lia, and see if her mother would take me in.


October 13, 2011 | Posted by PartyPoison108;
Sign your name and re-post!! C'mon, Killjoys! :)
"I pledge to stay safe and never give up. To fight and not lose myself and never lose the value of my life. Because without me the MCRmy is one person weaker and one less person to care about us or me. I don't promise to love or not hate myself, I promise to try to keep going no matter how bad this gets"
Dr. De_Tox6 (Ritalin Revenge)
Nightmare Toxins (taytay) more..,
xoxo Bandit Blaster [MinZ]
Toxic Roulette!
Chemical Rejection (Chem)
Catastrophic Plague <3
Toxic Touch!! 'Feel the burn'

Untitled song I wrote!! feedback please!!

It's the sub sequential heartbreaks.
They're only what you asked for.
The undertakers catch you as you fall.
Woe is me, woe is me.
Grab your magnum.
Kill 'em all.
*the funeral procession is waiting.
the crying.
The driving in this hearse.
Little miss demeanor.
Her life is so much worse
[end it all, end it all]*
You're alone like every diva.
You imagined yourself to be.
Take your pills, baby,
Come back to haunt me.
Sing it with me, sister!
Sing it like you'll live!
Welcome to hell, baby.
I've got nothing left to give.
Blink down the barrel of a loaded gun.
All your demons will never see the


I'm wearing red eyeshadow. I just got asked how many lines of coke it took me to look like i do....
and apparently i look like a demon as well.
Teh fuck?


I NEED a bass. Or the new Epiphone Phant-o-Matic. Anyone kind enough to donate money to the “Buy Kristen An Instrument” fund?


everyone, go check out the band My Satellite. they are AMAZING. and so calming.

i am so afraid to keep on living.

I just can't even begin to compare with other girls. Why am I so unappealing and ugly?

It's that time again!!!

MCRmy wide hug time!! Repost it and comment with hearts!! I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! <3


i feel ike the only times i've been getting on here lately was to rant about some stupid shit or another in my life. i wanna say sorry about that. you guys don't need my shit on top of yours. i love you all.!!