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Now I remember why I don't come on here. You guys are fucking rude.

Obviously not all of you, but I don't appreciate the hate mail, okay? Bloody hell. If I wanted to get picked on, I wouldn't be here. I'm sorry if I thought this fandom was a family. I miss the old fandom. mindfuck days and before. and I'm sorry for bitching about the new fans, because some of you are fabulous and amazing. But i'm getting too much shit from everybody to feel loved anymore. This isn't the MCRmy anymore.
And you know who you are if this doesn't apply to you.
Maybe I just won't come back

I might as well be on hiatus from this site.

So, it's been a while. I watched our ever fabulous boys on YGG. My anxiety is taking a downward turn and i'm stuck at my cunt mom's house until christmas. whatever. Not like anybody reads these. Not sure why i;m even typing this in the first place. oh well. just gonna go disappear into the abyss of forgotten teenagers now.


Okay, seriously. Stop with the SingItForSkye shit. IT'S NOT REAL. she's alive and fine. she's so attention starved that she made up that shit that she died to get people to notice her. once again, IT'S NOT REAL. and it sickens me that someone is that much of an attention whore and that shallow that they would fake their own murder.


I haven't blogged for a while. But I am, in fact, still alive. And doing pretty poorly, but what else is new? My anxiety is rearing it's ugly head something fierce lately. I'm just tired of the world. I wish i could just be in a coma or something like that. Taken care of, and in my own little world, without the distractions of other people.
But enough about me. How are all of you doing?

This one actually has a title! :D it's called Made For Greatness

The dull, heart numbing ache, the sweet pain. Like meeting with an old friend. It's familiar. comforting. That's the sad part.

Kiss me and leave.
Why can't we go our seperate ways?
Too many empty bottles break.
All this fighting for a worthless ache.

It's the last night on earth.
and the flames are licking up my car.
I don't love you.
Sincerely, my black little heart.
[we'll dive into the dark]

She said I'm made for the great.
dripping in hate
save us from this cage.
She's filled with sin.
Throw it back and shoot it through my veins.

There's a phantom in my lungs.
[she makes me


Restless for your kiss.
Singing after death.
Broken hearts beating
until their final breath.

Blood on the sidewalk
your outline in chalk
Shadows around the corner.
Face to face with cheap whores.
**(chorus) You're so far away.
Point and laugh at my pain.
so many days on my mind.
you don't have to be kind.
I'll end it my way. (end chorus)**

Bus rides to the end.
drop the gun
take my hand
it doesn't have to be this way.

Very much alive
but half to death
blind paintings in a rose red sky
the firefights prove you deaf.
Wrapped in silence
keep up the pretense
bullet through the brain
six in the

Untitled heartbreak/love/yearning song. relatively unfinished

this is only unfinished because i can't decide which oart to be the chorus and where to put it...
[I love you]
Can't you hear me screaming?
What do I gotta do
to dream next to you?

Pretty face, but where's your heart?
Never should've trusted you
right from the start.

Take my hand,
walk into today.
I bleed where I may.
Say goodbye to my plane,
I just can't stay.

We have a red and blue romance
I'll never leave.
Kiss me and make me believe,
at least for one last dance.

We can survive it all.
Just don't ever let me fall.
Alone but together, weeping in my bed.
Nothing but a dream
tears never shed.

ANOTHER untitled song.

Gone for a day, and a rocket to hell.
Kiss her again just to wish me well.
The dirt and grime cover my eyes
like the purest lies
to your beautiful disguise
and even more beautiful crime.
(instrument solo)
Daylight kisses the sky as I'm left awake
thinking of you and how I've failed.
**(chorus) I'll never be free
from your clutching misery.
Haunting my dreams,
pulling me apart at the seams.
I can't ever say goodbye.(end chorus)**
Just another day in my life.
Why should I sit here?
Why should I wait?
If you would never do the same.
You shouldn't be a diamond in my life
if i'm nothing but venom

Another untitled, INCOMPLETE song of mine.

Misfit in society
revenge on the entirety
Fuck the future
and leave the past behind.

[save me]
Bury the bodies.
[save me]
Carry the hearts.
[save me]
drop the blade,
and wash the bullets clean. (end chorus)**

Time scrapes on like your blistering skin.
Dragging demographics into the hell i'm in.
We fade to dusk like shadows.
Crawling over roaches
Climbing over mountains.
It's me that's tattered.
Better, yet shattered.
Hiding the pain in my eyes.

By popular request, an untitled song of mine.

It's the subsequential heartbreaks.
They're only what you asked for.
The undertakers catch you as you fall.
Woe is me, woe is me,
grab your 9 mil
kill 'em all.
**(chorus) The funeral procession is waiting
the crying
the driving in this hearse.
Little Miss Demeanor
Her life is so much worse.
[end it all, end it all] (end chorus)**
You're alone like every diva
you imagined yourself to be.
Take your pills, baby,
Come back to haunt me.
Sing it with me, sister,
Sing it like you'll live.
Welcome to hell, baby.
I've got nothing left to give.
Blink down the barrel of a loaded gun.
All your demons