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one shot rhythm to the gunsling....

i keep repeating and repeating "I'm okay"
am i really?
or am i psychotic?

i'll follow you into the dark......

my romantic side is so fucking confused my black little heart is going to explode.

p.s. Just Another Fatality Like Ghosts In The Snow chapter 37 will be up sometime today or tomorrow. sorry to keep everyone waiting....


this SUCKS

my mom found a note. about my depression, self harm and eating issues. i may or may not be visiting a hospital later this week or something...

it's all crashing down...

isn't it sad when random strangers on here care more about you than your family or friends. i'm just so tired of living.
i need help. i need love.

this is just so hard sometimes.

rant time. skip it if you want, it doesn't matter. just like me.
meh. haven't updated in a while. but there hasn't been much. just the same old hating myself with a burning passion and discovering i have at least two addictions. oh and i'm getting shot down daily by the people closest to me. sometimes I myself wonder how I'm still alive. I know its the cowards way out, but damn it seems pretty damn inviting sometimes. And in all honesty, I've lost my fear of dying. death doesn't scare me. it's beginning to hold an appeal in my life.

He said no one would miss me...

in all seriousness, my little brother just told me to hang myself off of the top bunk of my bed...


vent time. My best friend Lia's dad died yesterday and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was super close to her dad. He called me his second daughter. And his death was so unexpected. This is the second death of someone i'm incredibly close to in 4 months. and as always, I have to stay strong for everyone else. I just don't even know how to feel anymore.
R.I.P John Russell.

Just Another Fatality, Like Ghosts In The Snow chapter 37!

Gerard's P.O.V

Lulled by the dull roar of the car, I
curled up and fell back asleep.
I was running through a burnt forest,
searching, but I don't know what for.
The burnt leaves and ashes started flying
and swirling like a tornado was blowng
through, but there was no wind. I spun around
and around, trying to find a way out. And
there was Mikey floating with angel wings,
white as clouds. He ghosted towards me, arms
outstretched, but a rusty blade in one hand.
"Come here, Gerard, I love you, I just
wanna hug you, I love you, come here." he
repeated but his mouth didn't move at all.


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Best game EVAR!!!

play it!! play it and tell me your rank. i am a total otherworldly badass (highest rank possible)