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who here likes the Nyan cat?!?!? :D

looks like i'm shit outta luck

my last year in middle school ends next thursday. im entirely not ready.
some of my teachers from my elementary school transferred to work at my middle school so ive grown a huge bond with them and idk if i'll ever see them again :(
and the guy im currently head over fucking heels tumbling for isn't going to the same high school as me, and he acts like i don't exist. he's in love with my friend Sarah and she's thin and GORGEOUS. there's no way i could compare. ever. i don't think he even knows im into him like that. mleh. but he flirts with me alot so i have no clue what to do......

i fail at editing

MIKEY WAY!!! <3 <3 <3


have you ever been sandwich hugged by 4 soaking wet teenage boys? one of them being the object of you love?
it's great ahahahahaha

p.s. yesterday was field day. i go to a k-8 school so we still have those. but yeah, i painted Andy Six's stage makeup and i got a sunburn so when i wiped it off, it was the only part not sunburned. so yeah, i have an andy six makeup pattern on my face xD.
i fail.


ya wanna know what I did today? of course not but i'll take up blog space telling you anyways!
I got my organs sat on by two of my guy friends.
why did they sit on me, you may ask?
cuz they felt like it xD


even though i know he was probably joking, let me pretend.
according to the guy i like my hair smells like deliciousness and i have a nice ass. and he called me baby. i am a relatively happy child.


im tired of constantly bitching about my life. i now give anyone a freebie to vent their killjoy hearts out in my comment section.


i don't even know why i post this stuff anymore. y'all have better things to do than read my never ending bitch fest/ sob story. but meh. i am now keeping a diary. maybe it'l get turned into a book like the heroin diaries. probably not. no one gives a shit about my endless ramblings from my insane mind.....


for those who are all "you're THANKING him for killing thousands of people?!" piss off. im thanking him for giving my favorite band a reason to start. i dont say that he's a good person for killing innocent people because i had relatives die in the attack. so fuck off.


thank god but also thank Osama. because without him causing 9/11 we would not have MCR. so praise the whole fucking world today!!!!