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Happy birthday to meee!! :D I'm finally 15! :DD

Random news that nobody gives a shit about..

I got myself a boyfriend :)
He's one of my best guy friends who just professed that he's had a thing for me for over a year now. And the feeling was mutual so now here I am. I hope I can mak this work. He's a wonderful kid. :)))

woop-de-doo. -______-

Single again. Cool. And the kid I want has like, 3 other bitches ahead of me. Who are all way prettier and happier than me. Sigh. Can I shoot my knee caps off now?


Ugh okay so there’s this kid Tyler. He’s super sweet and a really incredibly nice kid. He’s 18. I’m 14. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes, but now I’m having serious second thoughts. Because I like this other kid. And although he said straight up that he doesn’t want me, I really don’t wanna feel unfaithful to Tyler and hurt him because I still have a thing for that other kid I mentioned. And before Tyler, I haven’t had a relationship in years. I’ve almost gotten used to being alone. No one else to really deal with or constantly make happy or keep tabs on.


Sigh. I haven't made a blip in the blog world in a while, so here I am. Hi.



deep sigh..

So there's this new really cute kid that just started going to my school, he kinda looks like Eli from Degrassi. But I know every other girl wants his nuts too, So I keep getting really bummed out knowing I have absolutely no chance with him :/ especially since NO ONE wants a girl with as little confidence and self esteem and as bad of a family and so many mental problems as me.


I'm not feeling too great emotion-wise, but I still wanna wish everyone a great holiday, whatever it is you celebrate! :D <3

Hell On Earth

Ugh. I’ve been doing pretty good lately, considering I’m at my mom’s. Is this what it feels like to not be depressed? Idk. I feel like i’m out of my element. Like even my emotions feel awkward and out of place.

I forgot how much I missed my doggies. And me and my mom are getting along pretty well. She offered to let me back in with her today. If it’s gonna be like this, and I can have all my friends back, I’d consider it. But I know it’s just not in my or my mother’s nature to be complacent with each other. It might be smooth sailing for a while, but I’d be skating on this ice.