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Time to say goodbye

I thought they were working on a new albume? I heard that they were collaborating with their old costume designer and that they already had 6 songs done....

I'll ALWAYS love My Chemical Romance. They've been such a huge part of my life, and they've helped me become who i am today. I'll always miss them, and i'll always long for more, and i'll always feel bad i didn't go to more concerts... Their message will live on though. MCR has been a kind of guide to me so far in my life. But i guess the training wheels are off now...

So if the band's last words are, "Thanks for all your support, and

Let's help out My Chemical Romance!

There's the link! Let's vote for MCR over ALL OTHERS!

I drew this dog
and then you draw on the back of a planner

THREE CHEERS! for this sharpie drawing, laminated in clear packing tape. if you look closely, between the couple you can see a cross on a necklace (The necklace goes up and to the left) and to the right of the man, a body hanging by a hook :D

Sometimes you just draw in a planner.

Merci pour le venin. Why write my plans when i can make the whole page pretty?

My Cemical Tissue Box

So i was staring at the ugly out of place tissue box on my desk and decided to spice it up. all free-hand with sharpies. Also, the skull is mcr-influenced, but it isnt an image i copied or anything. That skull is what my make-up looked like a few nights ago at a school dance. I posed for 4 photos and got countless hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, stares, and comments.

In love with MCR

Hello to anyone reading this,
I drew this picture a while back (Freehand, with references) and i figured i might as well share it instead of keeping it in my computer files and never letting anyone see. Of course i drew this for one reason: I love My Chemical Romance. And no matter what, they will always be my favorite band. ALWAYS. I want Gee, mikey, ray and frank to know that. They've changed my life DRASTICALLY and i dont know where i would be if it werent for them.