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Who love this song?

I found it and it's so amazing. LISTEN!

Sing It For Bradley

Unfortunately we lost another killjoy today, so I'm here to spread the word so that we can stop killjoys from entering the black parade early. And stop Homophobia because it just plain wrong. please join this page . Please sing it for Bradley

I'm going to be hospitalized again

So does anyone know what to do when you have blood clots and your practically dead, because the doctor just told me I'm probably going to be hospitalized again. Fudge my life.

we can't let this hapen

Dear friend,

I just added my voice to this urgent appeal, standing for human rights in Nigeria. Nigeria is pushing forward a law that would make it a punishable offense - of up to 14-years in prison - for anybody to go to a gay bar, to work for or be involved with LGBT organizations, or to be in an openly gay relationship.

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan - who has said he wants to stake his presidency on improving access to healthcare and education in the country, can stop this bill - by refusing to sign it.

happy birthday Frank

dear frank,
I wanted to say happy birthday and thank you for making awesome music. Love you and happy 30th
from Seven Sinz

had to

Gerard Way:
[ ] Born in April
[X] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs ( i take meds and they can be very addicting BUT I STOPPED )
[X] Born a leader
[X] You love drawing and you do it well ( the teacher got mad at me today for drawing in her class because it had a coffin on it )
[X] You love singing ( in choir )
[X] You don't take crap from anyone
[] You're afraid of needles (can't i want to work with them )
[X] You call your friends by their last names instead of their first ( yes a lot now that i think of it )
[X] You have siblings and love them
[X] You have brown/green eyes

my name is Helena in french class

so in french that let you pick if you want to have a french name so of course no one did it i almost didn't do it either but then she said Helena and i was sold so now i have the most cool name of them all :D


Today i was playing on a games site and it lets you do groups so i when to one the was for music and then clicked on a on a blog that said Favorite songs and on every page was MCR songs, and things saying thanks to MCR it was awesome just goes to show that MCR helps change and save lifes if we choose to do the little things like call a number or go to a website so thank you Gerard, Frank, Ray,and Mikey, because your work is every where just open your eyes and you'll see it.


how do you get over it any tips its hard i try to write to get it out but its not enough help someone