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Sorry it's another one of these things....

If you were a rockstar,

You would play:
[x] Guitar/Bass
[] Drums
[] Sing
[] Backing singer
[] Other

You would act:
[] Cocky
[] Adorable
[] Charming
[x] Dark
[] Funny
[] Sexy
[] Quiet
[] Loud
[x] Camera shy
[x] Serious

You would marry:
[] Someone you knew before you were famous
[] Another celebrity
[] A fan
[x] Wait until you find the right person

You would be known for:
[] Your appearance
[] How well you played
[x] Your personality
[] For playing in a really famous band

Which 'one' would you be?
[] The adorable one
[] The sassy one
[x] The peaceful one
[] The quiet

Just to let you know I'm still here!

Girl Confessions

1)Do you sleep in your bra? Nope
2)Do you like noodles? Yes, but I hardly ever have them!
3)Do you enjoy drama? On a stage, yes. In my life, HECK NO!!
4)Are you a girly girl? No way
5)Small or large purses? The bigger the better, preferably massive ;)
6)Are you short? I think I'm about average but I feel short
7)Do you like somebody? No
8)Do you care if your socks are dirty? Depends how dirty, usually yes
9)Do you like halloween? OH MAN YEAH!
10)Favorite time of the year? Autumn/Winter
11)Where is the weirdest place you have slept? Inside wardrobes
12)Has anyone

Hi from France!

Hello MCRmy! I'm writing this from a hotel in France where they actually have internet!! I'm gobsmacked
-_- The keyboard I'm typing on is really weird-French keyboards have all the keys in a different order!! So I'm basically just saying hi, and that I'll probably be offline for about a week :'( So keep your boots tight and your guns close and I'll talk to you fabulous Killjoys later!!!!

Poem for you guys...

Last night I was thinking about how much you guys have helped me, and how wonderful the MCRmy is and how proud I am to be a part of it, so I wrote a poem to say thankyou to all you wonderful and beautiful Demolition Lovers, Revengers, Parade Soldiers and Killjoys out there:

MCRmy give me wings,
help me fly when the bitches sting.
Now I'm high above the clouds,
wrapped in MCR; sweet sounds.

MCRmy help me sing,
help me forget everything.
The mean remarks, the jokes and sneers,
that, when alone, reduce me to tears.

MCRmy make me proud,
of the joy and happiness I have found.
MCRmy make me strong,

Sorry I keep doing these but I have no life during half term!

I was born in: 1997
I am really: Izzi
My cellphone company is: Tesco :/
My eye color is: Blue/green/grey
My shoe size is: 7-8-9 somewhere! (UK sizes)
My ring size is: Not a clue
My height is: 5ft 4
I am allergic to: tea tree oil
My first car was: never had one
My first job was: never had one
Last book I read: Heidi (forgotten the author's name)
My bed is: A comfy place to chill and read a good book :)
My pet/s: I used to have gerbils but they sadly passed away years ago :( My favourite was called Minerva (after the one in Harry Potter) and she was a feisty fighter and escape artist :)

How am I going to cope? Help please??

I've mentioned my friends J, K and Iy before, right? They HATE MCR (sob), and seem to think I have a serious problem, call me an emo and joke about self-harming, etc. Well on Sunday I'm going with K and Iy on a school trip to France for a week, and I'm sharing a dorm room with them for most of the trip. I'm really worried about it, don't get me wrong they can be really great and are good friends (why else would I hang round with them-- normally I would punch people who insult my music), but they just don't understand me at all!


Day 1 - First My Chemical Romance Song You Ever Heard: Welcome To The Black Parade

Day 2 - The most recent song you have been listening to: WTTBP!!

Day 3 - Favorite Song from I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love: Headfirst For Halos

Day 4 - Favorite Song from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. : So hard to choose!!! You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

Day 5 - Favorite song from The Black Parade.: House Of Wolves

Day 6 - Favorite song from Danger Days.: Either DESTROYA or Vampire Money..

Day 7 - Favorite unreleased/ bonus track.

Stolen from XCyanidexBabyX because I've nothing better to do

A- AVAILABLE: Yes, and planning to stay that way!
B- BIRTHDAY: 3rd September
C- CRUSHING ON: Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides)
D- DRINK YOU HAD LAST: Tea, but I think I drink more coffee...
F- FAVORITE SONG: No fixed favourite, but atm I'm loving Setting Yourself Up For Sarcasm by Get Scared
G- GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: None!! I can't eat them because I'm vegetarian and they both have gelatine in :(
H- HOMETOWN: Lincoln
I- IN LOVE WITH: MUSIC, especially MCR
J- JUGGLE: Not to save my life!
K- KILLED SOMEONE: Fantasiced about it....

MCR Day 'frenemy' situation

This doesn't happen to me often (only once before), but I seem to have aquired a 'frenemy' (a friend/enemy). I've mentioned a friend called K before, right?
So anyway yesterday I chickened out and didn't put the quotes up for MCR day, but I felt kinda guilty last night and decided to write some to put up today in my form room instead. So I got different colour post-its and wrote the quotes. This morning I got into school and put the post-its up on the wall, then when I was at the toilets a friend called Jo told everybody that I'd put them up to annoy K.


ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT? My sister cut my arm open with scissors :/

WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR BEDROOM? Nothing, I'm not allowed to put anything up :(


WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? Pukrock, rock, punk, alternative, some 80s and 90s stuff and a little pop



WHO DO YOU MISS? Someone who I've known since pre-school and all through primary school but don't see much any more because we went to different high schools