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MCR Spammers XD

Anyone on Facebook needs to check out the Most Beautiful Teenager page-- It's been totally spammed with MCR pics!!!!!! I've been laughing my head off at them, nice work everybody!!
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly! XD

Holiday :P

So in about 1/4 of an hour I'm going to be going on holiday for a couple of weeks- I'm going to miss you fabulous killjoys so much!! xx
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly

Is YouTube Converter legal??

Can anybody tell me whether YouTube Converter is legal? I'm a bit wary of it because it's free. A friend recommended it to me and I have used it once, but now I'm feeling really guilty because I feel like I've stolen music! It would ease my mind a little if someone could tell me because then it will either set my mind at ease if it's fine or if it's not I can delete the offending track off my iTunes :) Thankyou to anyone who reads this x
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly

What did everybody do for IMCRD?

I decided to make my (fake) leather jacket look like Frank's in the Desolation Row video :) Did anyone else noticed that he has a Union Jack patch sewn onto the right shoulder? Isewed a similar patch onto mine <3 What do you think? What did you guys all do? I frined of mine baked a batch of cookies and decorated them with MCR stuff, did anyone else do something like that? x
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly :)

Happy MCR Day and Happy birthday Bullets <3

It's MCR day everybody, and we all know what that means-- celebrating the 4 absolutely fabulous, inspirational, marvellous, amazing, beautiful human beings called My Chemical Romance. How can four guys who started out just like you or me become so purely golden?

New Drawing!!

FINALLY finished the drawing of Gerard (from Revenge era), please tell me what you think everybody!! :D


School FINALLY finished yesterday!!! Yay!!! Listened to this song loads, it's the ultimate end-of-school song :D

Drawing going horribly :(

So I'm about 1/4 way through a new drawing- Gerard from Revenge era, and it's going SHIT. I can't get his face right!!!!!! GGRRRRrrrrrr. >:| I really hope I don't completely mess this up 'cause if I do I'll be really annoyed.
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly x Rant over! :)


I think we all know that 'guitar god' refers to Ray Toro, Happy Birthday you amazing man!!! :D

Another drawing :)

So here's my latest drawing, of Andy Biersack (of Black Veil Brides) :) Criticism would be appreciated!
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly !