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new era new era new era new era!!!!!!!!!!!

OHMIGOSH it's finally here!!!!!!! The MCR5 era is finally beginning!!!! I absolutely love the website's new look, I can't wait for the new album, and the Professional Griefers video is out today!!!! Does anyone know exactly what time it's going to be released (UK time)?? SO EXCITED!!! THEY'RE BACK!!!!! XD XD
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly x

Professionally excited!

Is anyone else mega-excited about the Professional Griefers video?? I've been counting down the days, it's finally out tomorrow!! I've seen the preview video and the making-of one, I have a good feeling that it's gonna be great!! I wonder who's going to win the fight... XD
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly x

Second message for Courtyney Bowron

Okay, here was the v. first outline for the YM@S drawing, I'll get a better picture soon :)

Help me choose?

Okay, so I'm in the house alone and I've got two choices: I either blast my music out really loud because no-one's here to tell me off, or I try screamo. Which one should I do first?

Safe and Sound

Hey everybody :). Do any of you fabulous Killjoys have any idea where I can get Safe And Sound (Kyosuke Himuro feat. Gerard Way) to put on my iPod? I've searched everywhere in iTunes that I can think of, and I tried the EMI Japan website too, but the translation just said 'iTunes' on the info bit, and the name of the soundtrack that it's on. According to iTunes it's not on there :(. I've been trying to get it for ages, does anyone know where I can find it (not including any form of free and/or illegal download)?
- Thanks, Stay beautiful, keep it ugly xx

Message for Courtyney bowron:

Okay, here's some photos of the Killjoy drawing for ya. The photos were taken a while ago, there's more progress now

Small Petunia Of The Galaxy

Woah.. the minute that video hit the net loads of new pictures and captions appeared all over the place, so here's a few favourites so far xx
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly :D

I might be getting a guitar!!!!!!!!

Yup, the title's pretty self explanatory :) Me and my mum have been looking some up online and went to a music store today to check some out! I've been wanting to learn guitar for ages but my mother said lessons were too expensive, but she's now agreed that I can teach myself XD Downside: my twin has also decided that she wants a guitar, so we're gonna have to share one. Which has the potential to be HELL.

Starnge and freaky dreams

We all get the occasional dream about death, right?? 'Cause I had one that really freaked me out last night. It was weird because I didn't actually DIE- Dracula dragged me down to the Underworld to be his Vampire Bride, even though I was still alive. It was really freaky and kind of scary, and this is gonna sound weird but I thing I'm beginning to believe in Vampires. I've been having nightmares about the Count since I was little, it used to be mainly this recurring one about him looming over a young girl as she slept (not me), and I woke up before he bit her every time.

This Is The Best Day Ever!

SOOOO excited right now!!!!! The Spoilers interview with Gerard has just got me absolutely mega sonic excited about the new album (like I wasn't already?), and guess what? I just found out that two friends that I haven't seen for years are into MCR!! I am on a kind of happy-cloud right now XD
Also, check out my new earrings!!! They're not actually the DD:TTLOTFK American Widow Spider, but they're pretty darn close!! HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Stay beautiful, keep it ugly xx