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oneofthesedays's blog

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Can't wait until this semester is over ;_;t

College is draining me and it sucks >.> I've been so lazy after Hurricane Sandy hits us here :x I have so much work to do but no motivation :l this is my first semester and I hate my classes ._. I want to start my spring classes already cuz ill be taking fun classes that actually have to do with my major :3 but eh gotta get my education on ... i have class at 8am I should be sleeping fml anyone else suffering because of school? XD

Starting fresh :3 new account <3

Hey everyone ϵ( 'Θ' )϶ I decided to start a new account because I was inactive for two years on my other one and I just felt like making another account since a lot things have changed for me :* anyway feel free to talk to me guys <3