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EPIC, fail! part deuce!

It totally posted w/o my writings! I'll just retype what I wrote. I fail because I totally forgot about my blog and let it die.

I promise I'll keep upto date and love it forever.

--the end

EPIC, fail!
Rain, Rain come BACK!
Well it finally rained in LA, even though it wasn't uber much. But still some drops is good better than nothing, it was nice to see some cold weather. But alas it couldn't last long, it was merely two days and now its just back to blue skies and sun. I'm back to UNI. getting myself adjusted was quite a SNORE XD and with midterms coming up, im not a happy camper *sighs* anywho thats how the cookie crumbles. My mother is getting better her surgery went well, shes up and walking and just enjoying herself; getting back to her routine again.
alas its time, time to go back to school.
Well I haven't blogged for a few, but i'm not a hardcore blogger. I tend to tell little tibbits(isthataword?) I start Uni. tomorrow *sighs* i've noticed others had started since the beginning of september, so its my time... I feel happy and yet sad i'm so use to be around the house or just out and about.. but alas its my turn, so I hope your happy school! (fyi its only 6-10pm and tues, weds, thurs) little by little the hours go.. judgement day, dun dun dunnnnnn.. smell you later.
Supposly Ohio but filmed in LA, go figure.
So I finally know how to use the upload image thingy! I'll be short and to the point, I can't wait to watch GLEE tonight! Its sorta like an addiction to chocolate, first bite and ya hooked! Hopefully it won't disappoint you know how fall tv shows are... Anyhow I'm still counting down till I go back to school :/ smell you later.
Ice Cream Coma!
Well another hot night in LA, and I tried to satisfy my craving of Ice Cream. Its that obvious you're hot and you need something to cool yourself off. So I went for some ice cream who know the love it size is that big? And to top it off it involved lots of chocolate( not much of a fan) just feel blah! Instead of cooling off, I feel like rolling Lol.. Yes ice cream coma, sad but true aside from that I think I saved it still, dang its in my fridge *sighs* Vanilla Rules, yes I know its bland but who cares.. Its still number one in my book.
Brought to you by.. My randomness.
Since I'm kinda new to the blogging, I rather just pinpoint/rant whats happening in Los Angeles, forest fires! There's still four out there and the weather is just a bummer, at the beginning it smelled horrible and the weather wasn't helping either. The degrees arise from 100 and up so the means more electricity to cool off the many homes. The added plus we're in crisis water.. Anywho on another note driving by the 10 fwy you can see the flames, sad when you can't do anything to help, I wonder who started it? maybe pyro?