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Want to see another view of Vamps?

hi hi,

Couldn't sleep last night and I went to my netflix on my ipad and wanted to enjoy a film. So I randomly choose this one ---> Let the Right One In
(Låt den rätte komma in). Yeah its a Swedish flick but there is subtitles! Its another view of vampire love stories which I enjoyed. Its far better than the Twilight sappy high school lovestories.

Its a whole other view of a vamp. love story and which might seem more credible lol.

btw they did do a remake of it this year. But i haven't seen it might not even be the same or something, you know how it is with US remakes its iffy :/


hey y'all,

if you don't want to buy MCR's cd in hottopics just to see them in Jimmy Kimmel Show just check out the site.

It's a legit ticket show place, i've used it aswell.. Its a free ticket place for tv shows.,Jimmy-Kimmel-Live,1.html

fyi just click on tickets and scroll down for the date, register and your all set.

i hope it works (:

Na, Na, Na video on itunes

anyone know when the na, na, na.. video will be able to be purchased on itunes?

Sorry for the cheesyness, of my old blog.. Now to my MCR rant!


I know my last blog was all cheesy, lubby etc. Me sorry? Aside from that.. I was recently looking at my itunes and I wondered how long was I a MCR fan?

And I was amazed for how long... On a random note.. I kinda miss the MCRarmy since I was in that too I wonder why it disappeared?

I've been a fan of MCR....

*drum rolls**


Since 2004!!!!!!!

Yep, I was quite amazed how long ive followed the band. I have duplicated songs(itunes) since I also have the live versions. And YES I still have the first cd I got "I Brought you My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love."

take that

My mater is coming on sunday!!


im uber excited my mom is coming, its so funny how one person can change your world. Im counting down the days till sunday.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

My mom is in seattle.

I miss her.

The Quote for today is..

Trust no man, fear no bitch.

I'm literally melting!

It's 113 in Los Angeles.

I hate you heat

Gimme back fall, dammit!

I heard the NA, NA, NA song!

Was on my everyday blog site and they posted the new single of MCR, and I was uber excited! I can't wait for the cd! Damn you teasers!

I want more dammit!

Can't Sleep!

oh how i want the zzzz's, i welcome mister sandman!