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Hello out there!

Haven't blogged ina few days. I'm enjoyin' LA's gloomy days, while in the East Coast its... boiling? melting? hehehe. Sorry for poking! Anywho!


Hey you, yeah you. The one reading this blog. Wanna know somethin? You're beautiful. Don't ever give up.

peace and love! <3

can't sleep, wait i haven't slept yet.

so I haven't gone to bed yet, nor have I showered.

procrastination is my bestie right now.

Awesome Concert @ Hollywood Palladium!

Tired!! Happy and Sore!
I was glad that MCR sang some of their old songs, last night! Although it was musty and sweaty in there, and smelled. HAHAH its all about the concert experience but I admit it was amazing seeing them that close! Although there were a few people that shoved and pushed (just to be d*cks) And the mosh pit being a tad bit rough, although I liked pushing them back. (smiles)

Added to that at the palladium one of the oldest theaters in LA! A history buff was cool.

MCR concert today in LA

hello out there!

excited to see my fav. band live today, idk what to expect.. I only like two songs from there new cd. So hopefully they will sing some old ones! (PLEASE DO!)

hope to see the LA killjoys, mcr's etc.


Saturday, Saturday!!!!

I'll see once again MCR perform! I'm so excited been counting the days, since I got the tickets for my birthday (Dec. 23)
Hopefully I'm chosen for the special reporter or something. It would be awesome.
*crosses fingers*

So how is the special reporter @ an MCR concert work?

idk if people have asked or something..
do they just pick someone one day before? or weeks before?

i'd like a clarification pwease (:


Hey MCRers,
If you guys are in the twitter world. Cause I am...
Let me know...

Comment me and I'll check your page out!

Requested Friend Requests?

Hello MCRers, Killjoys or whatever you call yourselves:

(insert rant)
Whats bugging me is I never requested certain people as friends. And all of sudden I have a list.
Now I can't even cancel it.
So who ever is doing something to people's accounts are really lame.
Anyone know how I can delete it?

Thanks for reading my rant

--historica erotica (i'm not really erotic just sounds good with historica)

My Eyes played a trick on me.

Hello MCRers,

Reading the Zone 6 news, on my ipad and the usual checking on pending friends, or awaiting friend requests and such. And I thought I saw one from Ray and left me a message(when you request a add) And honestly I didn't even know who/what he was.. Even checked his page and I'm like he has no friends or whatever. So I thought it was a trick/bug that just wants my account and such so I think I deleted it(or it erased, who knows.) And I doubt it would be true, maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me or it was a hacking tibit.

So idk if it was really him, or a hacking person for my

Warm in LA

Idk if i'm a fan of the 80 degrees of heat, but I sure miss the rain.