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and what if i don't want to have a title ha?!

well... i'm really tired. and i don't mean i don't have enough sleep i mean i'm tired of all the bullshit with my mom. (well if you have the power and the will the read my complaints and maybe to give an advice for me you can read the full blog.... :) )


okay, so i need to do for web class a final project about robots XD
now... i've got an idea for a web to do for robots that want to take over the universe (for those who see doctor who i took it from the cyber man and daleks....XD look at the pic... this for those who want to sign up to the web - isn't that cute XD)
my friend is doing a web about a secret underground organization aginst the robots and i can't wait to see how she'll do it....!
but i thought maybe i'll get more ideas from people here because you have awesome ideas!

Agent purple Lilith.

more drawing :D

so it's the rest for now... bulletproof heart and destroya
this is my first two drawing

oh and you are welcome to tell me what you think! any feedback you want XP

drawing :D:D

ok so i'm not so great at it.. but i think it went good isn't it?
anyway this is SING and Summertime -
and that what i do on bible class... XD
tell me what you think - enjoy.

and i'm gonna upload more drawings of Danger days.. maybe i'll do for the bullets revenge and the black parade XP who knows?!


long time away from here... :)

god, the last time i was here was friday..i missed it here :):)
this week was soo wierd..
it started on friday, when my mom got mad at me(and she still don't talk to me... XD) and yelled at me that i need to go to a boarding school because there isn't enough place for me and her in home
- well i couldn't help but think of "honey this mirror isn't big enough for the both of us" :):)
than... on sunday, i had Sex education.. well, in an hour and a half i got a lot of information i didn't want to know.. :O:O:O
yesterday i had 3 hours of history class... with our freak, wierd and funny teacher -

not the best weekend of my life... :(

my mom wants to send me to a boarding school...
my sister i should (for my and my mom's sake)
i don't even want to ask my dad whar he thinks...
it would be really helpful if i could talk to someone.. the people here helped me so many times :)

vote you people!! vote!!...

don't know what about you but i'd like to see my chemical romance win this thing... :)
the only problem is 30stm have more votes!!!

oh well hell :\

i hate literature!.. i mean, who cares what the writer meant when he said when he put this and right this and mentioned that!?
if i'll ever be a writer , i wish my books will never - ever - EVER!!! be studied in school...
can't believe a doctor, his ho, a vampire mistress and an idiot homeless would ruin my final exams.. GREAT.. XD

~AgentPurpleLilith is out for studing :O~

my mom bought me a t-shirt of "i'm always right" for my b-day :)

i knew she would give up at last XD


do you sometimes feel like screaming? like there is a rock on your chest and the only way to get rid of it is to scream as loud as you can?

well i feel that way... where can i go and scream!? :O