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I'll make it as a poster one day :)
BURNS!!... :O

well maybe I should have put that sunscreen after alll XP
Ahhh.. but I still don't care that my skin hurts cause I just got another poster of MCR for my room :D YAYY... Oh.. and that is the pic on the poster XD

You know what I hate?

I hate that my teacher starts to talk to me on Facebook Chat.. I don't like her. but from now on I'm gonna block her on Chat, that way she won't talk to me beside school! GREAT! :D

Okay.. so I want to ask you something, I don't know what to do.. This year is one of the wierdest of my life.. Not the worst and but not so great.. It just seems when something awesome is going on - something worse will follow. It hasn't been just annoying but depressing, and I'm so tired right now from all of that shit.

1) You ready for 125 questions?
Umm.. okaydockysmoky...


don't leave the kitchen when you make an omelet XD

(yep.. i left it there for an hour ^^)

time of crying... :\

well you know what i usually do when i cry a lot... and i mean a lot! (i don't think i ever cried like this before.. well there is always the first time ~.~) i usually go to sleep, and right now at midnight i really want to but there is one problem...
i need my killjoy costume for tomorrow morning and it's not finished!
i still got to do my mask and shirt and pants.. my hair! god i love this holiday!XD
even though i'm 6 month late with all that i still think its awesome and maybe i will get some pics on the next blog, just for fun XP

well wish me luck cuase i'll need it :)


well my dad left home.. again.
he came back for 3 days, my parents probebly thought they could sort things out (and i think mostly for my young brother who has taken thier brake up really hard. i mean since they told us about the first braking up which was on valentine day he was really sad :\)
maybe it's because that new bitch who is my dad's girlfriend that they didn't really get along (don't you think it's a bit too soon to have a girlfriend? i mean my parents didn't get to divorce yet! i think my dad cheated on my mom and that what mostly makes me angry about him)
but i don't get it why


ok so i'm doing a school project about endangered animals and i need to write a report about why to save the animals but i don't have good reasons why or good resources or good articals..
so if anyone have an idea or a good artical to give me, PLEASE it would help me a lot ^^

thank you.

umm.. problems? :\

well.. you can click on read more to see what my problems are..
and for once - there aren't the usual... almost :\

just listened for the first time this song... :)

i just want to say about it WOW.. can't describe it better than WOW... :D