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pphhhtt.. i'm bored XP

Fuck bullies.. LET'S KILL 'EM ALL

not my story.. but my friend's..

today at school she was sitting in the library, watching some senior kids laughing and pointing at her.. she couldn't do anything, she didn't know why they laughed. so later today, she came back home and opened Facebook to see a photo on one of the senior girls wall of her picture and next to it - a picture of a monster.

right now.. except for wanting to make the school kick them out - i want to punch them so hard! this is so (^&$%^@$%^/!!!!!!

i don't know.. maybe i am naive, but that school.. for the last 3 years i studied in it.. was bullyfree, that's


I'm fucking do :)

who's with me?! =]


can't stop laughingXD glad i found that :)


simple as that.

Ohh... The hope! :)
this.. this is just wrong.. ><"

i know a lot of my blogging ended up about my parents.. and most of the comments are it will be okay.. but every time again i feeling the wirdenss and the wrogness and i feel like i want to go home (even though i couldn't be more "home" at that moment) i just need to spill it out XP ohhh look music :)

so that's how it's going... i felt tired at 10 pm and went to sleep... about less than two hours later my dad starts to talk on the phone loudly enough to wake me up... with my mom's best friends.. about my mom.. and how she's so not okay and never been.... i've got so many emotions.. some are



pop like there's no tomorrow... and for you there will be not! XD
and remember... you may be gone - but that's only because you are so fucking yummy :D

so they give us a choice...

so they give us a choice now... to choose now.. to go with dad or to go with mom..
what great parents right?! i don't want to choose! i want to stay home and live a normal life!
they ruined my last year because of their shit! now they are going to ruin the hardest year of my life?! school almost starts and i have to deal with them!... why can't they just fucking stop it! i'm so tired of it all.. i had enough!.....

my older sister can't be home most of the time, so i need to be the old sister and protect my brother.. and listen to thier yelling and deal with it.... fuck them!

good things happen to those who wait :)

i waited and waited and waited and now the game started at least!!! :D:D
watch it zombies! cause here i come!!! :D:D