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god... every tiny miny of nothing.. my mom can make a story of it!

ok so here is the story:
the school counselor called me today and told me some of the teachers think i'm sad and shit like that... now the whole idea is that i'm not! sometimes when i have a blank look i look like i'm sad.
so she asked me why and i told here it's might look like i'm sad because i'm tired latly... which is true on school hours - i am tired!
then i came back home and my mom asked me what the school counselor wanted from me (and hell knows why she knows she called me!) so i told her.. i also told her what i answer..
and she started to get made at me for answering that! why?

ok so i've been thinking about it a lot and have no idea!... XP

my parents now are all "what do you want for you birthday present" and "that" and "blahblah.." and i don't know! i asked my friends what i should ask but of course no one had an idea :\ and the thing is that last year my parents just gave me money and well.. this is it feels pretty shity to get MONEY for your 16 birthday...

does anyone has any idea what i should ask from them? :)

Agent Purple Lilith.


if that won't make you laugh... i don't know what will XP
those poor boys choir - if i was a cat i was gonna bully them for the rest of thier life!XD

someone hold me before i do something i'll regret (or notXP)

yeah she's my mom...
yeah i need to show her respect...
yeah i know i'm looking at it from a teenager point of view but-
for god's sake does she has to be like that?
she wants me to change.. tell me what i'm doing wrong!
she wants a bit more respect... stop yelling at me!
she wants me to be helpfull... tell me to what fucking do!...

p.s. merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah! XD (or something like that..)

just saw mcr on jimmy kimmel...XD

well first it was awesome!
second, i just found out how you right the new album title in hebrew.. it's going like that:
"ימים מסוכנים-החיים האמיתיים של משביתיי השמחות המופלאים"
well.. just so you know the killjoy is the "משביתיי השמחות" part and it sounds a really bad name for something that awesome XP
anyway.. loves the live nanana and the tiny miny part of SING that they played on tv.. :D

'night killjoys!


yeah i know i'm like a week late with that..
but it's gonna be in couple hours for the first time on the israeli t.v and i'm so waiting for it XP

well beside that... tommorow is parents day and my mom's gonna talk to my teacher.. can't be good can it? but she knows about all my Fs so i'm okayXD

dear math...

i don't love you and i've got no intention to solve your problems..
deal with them yourself! :\

6 hours of math make you do that.. sadly it's not the end :P


i bought the album!!
i'm listening to it right now...!
i'm happy :D

ohhh.. what a sweet kitten ^^

she's so beautiful and cute and i wish she was mine... :P
i a pet but my mom won't let me have one :\

that's not fair!! :(

a month ago i asked my mom to by me the DANGER DAYS: “CALIFORNIA 2019 EDITION"
she said she'll think about it..
today she told me that she wanted to tell me that on december 1st i'll order it so it'll be my birthday present..
well now it's just TOO LATE!!!
i feel like crying :'(