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AHAHAA help O.o

okay so first of all, it's been ages since I wrote something here... I forgot how much help I got here before, but now that I remember I need help.

so I have this friend, Netta, I don't know if she's a good friend of mine anymore.. I only met her last year, she's with me in my home class Netta, my best friend (who I know since i can remember myself, Gaya) and we always stick together because there are no one else in class to like... well we used to..

since last year Gaya and I felt that there is something wrong with Netta, like always complaining or crying over stupid things or trying to be

Every Hanukkah

Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah :)

THAT'S IT! I'm done with that shit...

I'm done with all that milk and meat and eggs and so on and so on... I'm becoming vegan! yes I am...

the only thing is.. I have to tell my mom about it and I have no idea how to do it..
although another thing... I need recipes. more things to eat...

so the main point is - is there someone out there who is vegan too and has some good recipes and want to help me with it, advice me and all..
also cheering up is needed :)

Agent Purple Lilith

No.. Just, just no... ><"

okay.. why does it feels like the crappiest birthday ever? god I can't believe I'm gonna rant on my birthday ><

so here it goes.. today this morning, I woke up to the sound of my parents walking up, after the made me wake in the middle of the night (after midnight so therefor on my birthday) doing some things (or thing I don't wanna know) in their bedroom, and yes, I heard everything and it is what you think it is... - YACK ><

after waking up I had to get hurt from objects as corners of tables and such... I spent most of the day in school - I ran up into some unknown kid, had to listen to

I stole this.. but then lost it - but then found it again! :D

1. How old will you be in five years? 22
2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? My friend Chen :)
3. How tall are you? let's just say I'm almost as high as Frank :D
4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? My birthday and Hanukkah! :D
5. What’s the last movie you saw? The Ron Clark Story
6. Who was the last person you called? My mom ><
7. Who was the last person to call you? My sister
8. What was the last text message you received? My sister to see who would pick me up :P
9. Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail? No one.. ><
10. Do you prefer to call


hello world! long time I haven;t wrote a blog because I just want to talk.. not rant no nothing :)
so i missed school for 3 days.. two were because I was sick and today is because the car won't start so my brother and I missed school and my mom missed work :D that's weird because on one hand - there is no school.. WEEEE!! :D on the other hand.. I missed an important test today :\ I hope the teacher will let me have the test on another day, because if not they kick me out of the class O.o

so, I played some COD nazi zombies with my little brother and watched all the episodes of Chuck I

My Chemical Romance on Yo Gabba Gabba :)

well first - the most awesome thing I've ever seen! not only it's will air on my birthday, it's just made my day (just a sad thing that we don't have Yo Gabba Gabba here :| oh well..)
so that what I saw,
Gerard is being daddy Gerard :)
Ray is being a very very very happy Teletubby
Frank looks like he got his candy from Willy Wonka
and Mikey... even though his moving and all - WHERE IS THE SMILE!? but I forgive him, cause his Mikey :D
heehee they are wearing the winter killjoy clothes :D
ohh such a funny sweet amazing thing - MCR sing what they always sing just not for us, for little kids -

MCR shuffling - NICE :)

Put your music playing device on shuffle and answer me these...

Song that will be covered by My Chemical Romance on their new album?
Bitter Taste - Three Days Grace

Frank bursts out of your locker and begins to sing:
Never Gonna Be Alone - Nickelback

You peek into MCR's dressing room and Bob is lip-syncing this song into the hair dryer:
No More - Three Days Grace

Ray's fro starts transmitting radio frequencies! The song it picks up is:
Anything For You - Evanescence

Mikey slips the wrong tape in the P.A. system in the "I'm Okay" video! This song blares instead:
I'm Not Okay - My Chemical

If I steal from a stolen - does that really counts? :P

[] Bought condoms.
[] Gotten pregnant.
[x] Failed a class.
[x] Kissed a boy.
[] Kissed a girl.
[] Used a little paper bag for lunch.
[x] Had a job.
[x] Slipped on ice.
[x] Missed the bus.
[x] Left the house without money.
[] Bullied someone on the internet.
[] Sexted.
[] Had sex in public.
[] Played on a sports team.
[] Smoked weed.
[] Smoked cigarettes.
[] Smoked a cigar.
[x] Drank alcohol.
[] Watched “The Breakfast Club”.
[] Had an eating disorder.
[x] Been to a wedding.
[] Made fun of someone for being fat.
[x] Been on the computer for 5 hours straight.
[x] Watched tv for 5 hours straight.

does anyone knows...?

how to treat cough? it's so fucking annoying and it feels every time like my brain is gonna jump out of my head ><