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Found Him

I found a guy that makes me happy. His name I will not say, but I can't help him like I should. You see his trying to change for himself... we met in these meetings. I didn't things would get this far, because we've been friends for two years. Honestly I wish I could help him, because in these two years I've found out that he doesn't live in the best circumstances. Have you ever loved someone so much you just want to help all you can? Well I fear I have fallen in love, and he says he loves me too. Any advice would be nice.

Comment on anything for "OmegaOfMCR" (user)
Comment on anything for "OmegaOfMCR" (user)

Happy thanksgiving!!! Hope urs is going better than mine. Wish my family could only see.


Ended biting my head at the ole miss/ Missouri game. :( hurt so bad n now I'm at the hospital getting checked. Idk how long it well be.

Book ideas

I'm writing a book about a girl an boy that are 8 an their bf n gf. An another boy likes her. The bf got her a teddy bear tht says good nite, but the crush got her a charm bracelet. Any ideas I'd like 2 know. Btw the boy is Gerard and the crush is Frankie.


Can't believe my ex cheated on me. So I dumped him an now I'm crying, and selling candy. *sigh*


So I was sick all day an I told my boyfriend this morning. He didn't text me then I said hey wrud after school? He said "games." I can't believe this.


So my dad bought a box of candy for me 2 sell for band. It's actually fun till I get forced 2 pay the bills 2. 17 years old an paying bills great.


Hi my name is Ysabeau Belle Bellerose, it is French, but I live in America. Lucky me right, but when I go to school I have bruises on my arms an legs, and sometimes you can see the cuts on my back if I wear one of those see through shirts, but I like to wear overalls to hide them. My mom likes to put me in cute clothes so I don’t wearthem much. My dad, well I don’t see him unless he comes home drunk.
Your face tells a story,
Of truth never told,
Your eyes show your worry,
And your soul oh so cold.
You said that you