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Goodnight everybody D

this is my first blog and being honest I ve already thought I will never post anything. But here I am after a long time, at last here. I have so much to tell you, my friends. Thoug nothing really interesting happens in my life I still satisfied with it. Not fully, I am still a fuck up, I am still nobody and nothing. Oh no, again this depression shit is coming out of me. Tell me to stop thinking. About everything. Sometimes I thing it would be better that way, y'now not to care at all.
There's smth I want to share with you with: the T-shirt I made today.
And I installed Whats App recently and will reall apreciate having your phone numbers guys.
I'm in MCRmy about a year, I live in Tashkent, doing some poetry and drawing staff. Miss MCR right now and need you all.
Please, write me smth. The number is +998933767432