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I completly and utterly blame Glee

Has anyone else notice the onslaught of people coming up to them and saying 'Ooh, I love My Chemical Romance, have you heard their new song SING?' MONTHS after it came out. Garr. I blame Glee. It's great that more people are listening to them, but still. And I know that this rant upon Glee is a little late, but the people have started coming up in the past week for me...

Maybe it's just me...

May you see many unicorns and rainbows,
~Anonymos Girl

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Not according to Frank...

Okay, I was watching one of the Grammy interviews, and when Fank said "That's funny, 'cause, like, when you guys say 'Oh, I'm your biggest fan!' that's not true. I am. I was actually the first. So, I know you're full of sh*t when you say it." My friend and I couldn't stop laughing because she had gone to one of their concerts durring 'Black Parade' and gone backstage, and litterally said: "I'm your biggest fan!" She was still giggling when she left.
For us, that was the higlight of our day.
Well... it was funny to us.

Many zombies and blood spatters,
~Anonymous girl