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think of the first word that comes to mind

1. Beer:drunk

2. McDonalds:ew

3. Relationship:ruined

4. Purple: nurple

5. Power Rangers:rainbow

7. Steroids:small penis

8. Cartoons: micky mouse

9. The President:black..racist?I THINK NOT

10. Tupperware: spagetti

11. Florida:death

12: Santa Claus:fake

13.Halloween: frank iero

14. Alice and Wonderland: OFF WITH HER HEAD

15. Grammar:who gives a shit

16: Myspace: no more

17. Clowns: kill me now

18. Marriage: not me

19. Paris: hilton...drunk

20. Brittney Spears: drunk

21. Redheads: ginger

22. Blonde: stupid...im part blonde

23. Pass the: peas plz

24. One night stands:id be dead

25. Donald Trump: WIG


27. Pixie: dust

28. Vanilla ice cream: marshmellows

29. Hooters:OWLS...u got a dirty mind

30. High school musical:FABULOUS...well....

31. Pajamas: skeleton

32. Woody:...Theres a snake in ma boot

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A pic of me

Iol im not good with pictures srry fr the ugliness the second pic is of me and my friends heading to our softball game if u couldnt tell by the uniforms lol

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Daily Think About It #8

There is no age restriction on music and there never will be.
It doesnt matter if your 12 and like mcr or if your 30 and like justin beiber.
people like different kinds of music and so do you.
So next time you see someone listen to songs you dont like
think about this

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Daily Think About It #7...i think

I should really stop asking people "How stupid could you possibly be?"
Cause now im starting to think they are taking it as a challenge..

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Any Killjoys in Nebraska?

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Daily Think About It #6

Cant control the urge...
So why stop it?

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Daily Think About It #5

Will you be last to stand me
Or the first to break my heart


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Daily Think About It #4

Every snowflakes different just like you.
~Gerard Way~

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Daily Think About It #3

Blue eyes,
Blonde hair,
Great smile,
Sweet personalty,
The perfect combination for another heartbreak.

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Talent Show Reports

Hey guys i told you before i entered a talent show and i got second place in my division and there were only 2 ppl in my division me and maggie harris she won..
thnx fr supportin me though)':