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Happy (:

I really like the new layout black and white like the black parade but still a feeling of rush if thats possible i have a feeling this is gonna be a really exiting album kinda punk/rock or just plain old fashion rock either way what they do i know they wont dissapoint us(:

Daily Think about it #13

Love the way you look
Dont hate the way you are

Daily Think About It #12

To you love is just a word
To me love is everything i had
and i wasted it all on you

Daily Think About It #11

Love is the glue that keeps this world together,
Love is the thing that keeps everything moving and going the way its suppose to,
Love is the passion that gets everyone out of bed,
Love is the reason we are on this site,for the love of their music.

Daily Think About It #10

Hope is real
but you cant always just rely on it
you have to put some effort into it
to get what you deserve


Anyone know when the contest for mikey ways bass is over?


Im writing a book about how 5 completely different killjoys team up to defeat better living
names are mind star flame heart static rider and silver wolf and jane
and i was just wondering would it be plagiarism to do that?
and if i drew like maybe a draculoid would that be plagiarism
even if i gave gerard credit for the hard work he did on the comic book and music video?
just wondering,i don't want to go to jail today so yah

Daily Think About It #9

Forever for always and no matter what.

Daily Think About It #9

Forever for always and no matter what.

think of the first word that comes to mind

1. Beer:drunk

2. McDonalds:ew

3. Relationship:ruined

4. Purple: nurple

5. Power Rangers:rainbow

7. Steroids:small penis

8. Cartoons: micky mouse

9. The President:black..racist?I THINK NOT

10. Tupperware: spagetti

11. Florida:death

12: Santa Claus:fake

13.Halloween: frank iero

14. Alice and Wonderland: OFF WITH HER HEAD

15. Grammar:who gives a shit

16: Myspace: no more

17. Clowns: kill me now

18. Marriage: not me

19. Paris: hilton...drunk

20. Brittney Spears: drunk

21. Redheads: ginger

22. Blonde: part blonde

23. Pass the: peas plz

24. One night stands:id be dead

25. Donald Trump: