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Save our souls (PART 38) THE FINAL FAREWELL.

Well come on we need to go shopping now" He said taking my hand and pulling me up
"Aw okay" I said smiling, when I was around him I knew I could be myself and could trust him with anything, I never want to be with anyone else only him.
"Right come on then" He said laughing a little pulling my downstairs
"I'm coming!" I shouted laughing with him at the last step he picked me up and kissed me and put me back down
"I really do love you more than coffee!" He said. We both laughed a little and then headed out the door. 
We went clothes shopping first unfortunately, I hated clothes shopping.


Well this is the hardest question in the world for me and I actually like leATHERMOUTH more!!!!! D:
So what do you killjoys like more?

~Death Candy

No longer sick!!!!!! :D

Well I'm not sick anymore :D but i need to go back to school tomorrow.....Bleh :(

Save our souls (PART 37)

"What?!" I shouted as tears streamed down her face
"It's my fault he left a note, Kelly cheated on him and he said if it was never for me this wouldn't have happened!" She shouted burying her face into my shoulder
"Shhhh it's okay, it's not your fault he left you for a whore and then she cheated on him" I said kissing her head
"No, it is" She said crying even harder
"No listen to me, you are amazing and he is the dumbest person ever, this is what he would've wanted you to feel pain" I said lifting her chin up looking into her dark brown eyes
"No Mikey, try to convince me all you want but it

Decisions? Please help :)

So for my birthday which isn't for eight months D: I've decided that I really want a bass guitar 'cause I already play it so I just think it's better if I have one in the house for when I'm bored or just really want to play it but here's the decision I either want Mikeys signature bass or get a red and black one and get blue paint and write "revenge" across it as "Three cheers for sweet revenge" is my favourite album :) so what one should I do, I really can't decide! Please help a killjoy :)

~Death Candy

Know what I hate?

I hate it when come on here and I see blogs about ads and sales and shit. It's getting so fuckin annoying, it states in the rules NO SPAM POSTS! -_- Really? I didn't know this is what "Killjoys" are reduced to? Just stop it there are so many people who would love just to kill everyone who spams zone 6 with these blogs -.-.

Well on the other side, I really don't feel well and I'm off school xD so this means I've got more time to write more stuff onto my fan fic and write more music! :D So how are other the other killjoys in this world? :)

~Death Candy


Hey people, it's just as the title say I need names for my fan fic so if anyone wants to be In it please comment your name and its NOT killjoy names just normal names please :)

~Death Candy


Well some of you know about my friend that I like, well yesterday when I met him he kept hugging me, putting his arm around me and making direct eye contact but I still don't know if he likes me, my friend told me he did but she told me lies before and m not sure if she is lying again so I'm confused /: do you guys think that I should just ask him next time I see him? Please help me :)

~Death Candy xD

Save our souls (PART 36)


"Don't be long, we have a time today" I warned Mikey as he headed into the bathroom
"Okay!" He said loudly to me and closing the bathroom door.
I walked out and went into my room, I took my party poison outfit and went into the bathroom to get dressed. After about fifteen minutes of getting dressed I was finally ready. 
I went out of my room and went in to check n Frank who was dressed too.
"Your dressed?!" I asked surprisingly
"Yep!" He said with a smile on his face
"Well good, we only have thirty minutes" I said
"Yeah I know, you go check on Mikey and I'll go check on Ray" Frank

Just realised....

Well today me and my new friends except from Hayley went into Glasgow today! I was not well but still really wanted to go in and when I turned up at the train station I realised Sean was coming in too, so he was the only guy. We had an amazing time and I got to know everyone better but as the day went on I realised something when me and Sean got left for everyone else to go to pulp (they had forgot about us! D:) I realised that I really like him!