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Take the pain away.

Well yeah I have never told anyone! Not even my mum or dad but I'm addicted. Addicted to pills. it just takes all the lain away and makes me happy for a while then I go for more. It makes me feel like I'm above everything then it wears off unfortunately. I just needed to tell the only importand people on my life about this you guys. I'm sorry and I'm probably going to pass out as I've just took some more but oh well


Well I've came to the fact known that I'm hopeless now. I five up on everything I do, I always make my family mad and I can't do anything! The world would be a better place without me, my nickname sometimes is 'Aimee the failure' and I guess it's true. I know the rules say no self harm posts and I do respect that but I just really need help, well no one will but meh oh well that's life. Also the guy who've Ive liked for about two years nearly told my friend he didn't like me like that and to be honest it made me feel like I'm worthless maybe because I am.


Well I'm a failure. Im giving up on my fan fic "Famous last words" I've only got three parts but oh well I just give up. I give up on everything even my mum calls me a failure my dad tries to hide it but I know he really thinks that I am. I'm sorry for just giving up on it, I just can't be bothered with anything anymore. So dear every reader of my fan fic I'm sorry, I just can't think of anything anymore and probably won't do anymore.

~Death Candy


I feel horrible, guilty and much much more that words cant explain. I feel like a horrible friend, a horrible person to be honest. I dont know how my best friend is on this, why did my account need to not work! D: well thats really all.

Famous last words (Part 3)


I ran up the hallway with Ivy and Frank behind me, Gerard was lying on the ground and Ray was just coming around but the jocks had already took off. I fell to my knees beside Gerard he took his arm and checked for a pulse luckily he has one! Ivy and Frank came up behind me, Ivy sat beside me and Frank sat beside Ray
"He'll be okay, you know he will" She said
"Yeah but we need to take him to the nurses office to see if he's okay" I said
"Obviously" Frank said
"Right come on" I said taking Gerard and basically lifting him down the hall and Ivy was helping Frank with Ray because

2 killjoys i think are going to kill me

well these two killjoys are 'Mikey Way lover123' and 'putonyourhappyface' for one simple reason, cutting.
yes ive done it again but too late and i got myself to stop luckily. This is all because my stepdad is in the hospital and my entire family are stressed. I really hate myself for it and i hope these two dont hate me if any of you have read this im so incredibly sorry! D:

~Death Candy

Born this way!

I don't know why but this speaks to me and makes me feel better and that I was born to be me and I shouldn't change it's the only other song that isn't an MCR one that helps me! XD just thought I'd tell you guys! :D

Famous last words (Part 2)

Me and Ray walked Mikey, Ivy and Frank to the front office so they could find out where their lockers where, but in admin they would get their timetable and so would we.
"So wheres your lockers?" I asked them when they came up
"Mines and Mikeys are right next to each others and Franks is a few down" She said happily
"Cool" I said just then the bell rang.
"Admin" I said to Ray so he could actually remember
"Thanks!" He shouted walking towards the stairs.
"No bother" I said and we started walking up the stairs. We finally got there and Mrs. kinsman was there to greet us.
"Good mornin' boys" She

Famous Last Words (Part 1)


As I walked out onto the stage, every fans eyes glancing up at me, every person here to see us, My chemical romance. 
"We fuckin love you guys! Without you we wouldn't be here!" I shouted through my black and red microphone, I knew I had everything. I had the best band in the world, we brought a message and the best wife and daughter in the world.
"The world is gonna try and make you beautiful, what are you gonna do about it? I'll tell you what your gonna do your gonna scream at them, I WANNA STAY UGLY!



Well I feel like can't tell anyone so here it goes,

I feel like the feud between my dad and my step mum is all my fault for not going down and they argued because of it and they haven't been the same then my brother stopped and that made things go over the edge and now they might get divorced. Don't get me wrong I hate my step mum but my dad loves her but to be honest I don't know how, she is so inconsiderate and is bossy and I think she hates me for some reason. Im really down because of this and I've tried self harming but it's just not enough it makes me feel like I deserve worse.