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I will enter loud and proud (Part one)

Hey guys! Well to keep my mind off things I've been writing, this is my third fan fic but only two are still going but to readers of Famous last words this will have no effect what so ever :) so this one is based on the black parade and please comment what you guys think please :)


"I'm sorry but you have it, you have Cancer" The doctor said looking at My test results. I am Hannah Clarkston and I'm only 17 and I have just been told I have cancer, this wasn't the best time in my life to have just been told this. 
"Are you sure?" I asked

Today was fun!

Well except for my classes in school but the rest was fun! I went to my friends house and we did the salt and ice challenge and got ice cream after it but her dog came into the room and ate my ice cream!!! D: I was gutted then after everything I told her I was on drugs before but then I found out she smokes so I guess it was good telling her cause now we can help each other ! XD

~Death Candy

Day 2 of being clean! XD

Well this is the second day in a row, but that nearly didn't happen but luckily you guys really believe in me and won't let me turn back and I love you all for that! Well I'm not allowed to join the marine corps anymore because my mum thinks it's too much of a danger to let me move to America and join -_- but other than that I'm proud of myself and extremely happy with my progress nit even an anti-depressant have I touched! XD wow, I'm doing great in my eyes! XD

The main killjoys I want to thank are, "Mikey way lover123", "Suitheart2001", "putonyourhappyface" and "Caustic Sunshine" You guys

Thats it.

Well thats it im done with everything! im sorry but i just cant handle anything anymore!

Ŵell... That never lasted long

Well every killjoy that's helping me out has gone away now I think but anyway heres how I'm feeling

Everythings a problem

I'm just gonna die, it would make everyone better and I wouldn't have to put up with two faced bitches like myself. I do love my best friends forever but I'm sick of getting left out and everyone ditching my for their boyfriends that wont even be with them forever, while I'm always there to catch them but not anymore.

I am not afraid to keep on living!

Well I was extremely happy today, without taking any pills or blabbing about how I feel!!!!! XD That now makes me clean of drugs for an entire day nearly! XD I'm honestly so proud of myself and I don't even want any anymore! Wow, it feels great having happiness in your life which isn't fake! XD well thats how Im getting on which is fantastic in my perspective :)

~Death Candy xo

wow, bad news much?

well im getting all this bad new at once and its killing me lituartly (sp.) Sorry to all they people who have tried to help me but nothing seems to be working so its time for plan B sorry but its the only thing that makes me happy but i know that the feeling is fake but its great! So long :)
~death candy


Well I'm seeing al these spam post and what are most of them on? Drugs. Why god?! I'm trying to stop but it's making it worse when I come on here and see them! It's meant to help coming on here but instead I'm seeing spam posts on tramadol and shit like that! Im so tempted again! Please help!!!! D:

Famous last words (Part 4)

We arrived at the hospital and Gerard was immediately rushed to the emergency unit but me and my mom weren't allowed in and neither was anyone else. My mom left to go get coffee for me and her so I was on my own, so I took that opportunity to think about things, like Gerard, Ivy and the jocks. I had no clue what I was going to do about any of them, especially Ivy. Just then Ivy, Frank and Ray appeared from the top of the hallway and they saw me and immediately ran down towards me. Ivy was the first down and she hugged me tightly.
"How is he?" She asked
"He's not so good" I said as Ray and

I'm sorry,

Well I'm sorry basically, last night i was so depressing and once again turned to drugs -.- I'm never goin to learn I normally just wish to disappear but I don't right now and haven't even took any anti-depressants! XD this is the biggest acheviment that's ever happened in my life! I would love to thank every killjoy who believed in me and I was just being a bitch to them but I do love you guys Thankyou! XD

~Death Candy