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I will enter loud and proud (PART 5)

I woke up and sat up on my extremely comfy bed, I noticed a piece of hair on the pillow, it had fallen out and this time it was noticeable on my head. I didn't panic or worry I knew it would get worse and I would still be me. I picked it up and put in in the little silver bin at the end of my bed, I guessed it was Gerards old one as it had a picture of a vampire and said "I <3 vampires". I took my phone out of my case to check the time which read "11:23", Gerard and Mikey would have left for school and Mrs. Way would be downstairs doing chores probably.

Just noticed how depressing I am

Well I'm really depressing but I don't even know why to be very honest, maybe it's because I always get bullied for being "Emo" or because everyone's a prick? Who knows but all I know is that I want to turn back to drugs, badly. I told you guys I had stopped a whole ago right? Well that's where I'm wrong you noticed I had no blogs on how well I was doing? No I didn't think so. The last time I took some was this morning and now I'm wanting more of everything and the worst thing is I don't know th names of half the stuff.
The bullying doesn't make it any better, the amount of times I've tried

I will enter loud and proud (PART 4)

"Welcome to the family" she said and spread out her short arms for a hug, which I accepted
"You are welcome here anytime and as long as you want" she said to me pressing her hands against my cheeks in a motherly way.
"Thankyou so much" I said in happiness, I looked over her shoulder to see Gerard and Mikey dancing happily with each other and singing which made their mum turn around too and we both just laughed at them. They stopped and looked at us with embarrassed faces
"Who long have you been watching?" Gerard asked looking really embarrassed 
"About five minutes" I managed to say


Well these are my very bad drawings. The first one is gerard during the revenge era. The second one is Sean smith from the blackout. The last one well I just got bored and was listening to Helena. There crap but please tell me what you think it would be very appreciated please ? xD

p.s My webcam is shit so they may not look the best xD


Well my friend Ash (Its short for ashwyria or something like that) she's Indian and she lived in Scotland for ages but she moved back to India :( but I was talking to her today and she said that for her summer holidays she was coming here!!!!!!!!!!! xD I'm so happy, I haven't seen her in about four/five months and I miss her liked fuck! and no words can describe how I feel right now! Well just thought I'd tell you guys xo

~Death Candy


Well I was sitting in my room play CoD as per usuall and then my step dad comes in and shouts
and gives me four brand new games and new football boots.... YEY!!!!!! XD
Dont you not love your family when they can drink guiness all day at anytime and they've drunk enough just to be really happy? Yeah i love that :)

~Death Candy

It would be awesome.

Well me and my best friend Lucy were talking and we thought "HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF MCR AND THE PRETTY RECKLESS DID A SONG TOGETHER!" their both of our favourite band and we've made a mash up of sing and make ne wanna die and it sounds fuckin epic! Well I just thought I'd share this with you guys! XD

~Death candy

I will enter loud and proud (PART 3)

"Well yes if you were a better influence then maybe she wouldn't have quit school!" My mum shouted back to my dad 
"Shit" I said quietly
"What?" Gerard asked
"They've found out I've quit school" I said in fear
"You never told them that you had to leave?!" He said surprised
"There was never a good time" I said and opened the door to the living room with Gerard still standing in the hallway. 
"Hannah why did you not tell us?!" My dad shouted furiously at me
"You guys were always arguing and there was never a good time and I and to, I failed all of my exams because you guys never cared!" I

I will enter loud and proud (PART 2)

 I sat down beside the oak tree which was surrounded by dasies as it was approaching summer. I picked a daisy and looked at it, it reminded me of the time me and Gerard make the biggest daisy chain ever! He was an amazing guy and my best friend. I looked up and saw four figures run down a giant hill which was unmistakably Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank. Gerard was the first to see me and took my hand and pulled me to my feet which made us both laugh a little.
"So what do you want to tell us?" He said
"Yeah! I'm missing pinky and the brain" Frank blurted out which had us all laugh
"I'm missing a

Famous last words is dead!

Well for those of you who read my fan fic "famous last words" well I just give up on it, I just can't think of a story line anymore so yeah there you go :)

~Death Candy